Parroting Obama

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Club for Growth campaign video against Democrat Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas.  Hilarious. 

Climate Depot's Marc Marano's Hostile Interview on Chinese CCTV

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Marc Marano faces off with hostile interviewer on subject of Climate Change.  He definitely gets the better of the argument. 

Big Environment's Tom Steyer

Big Environment's influence on WA politics

San Francisco based Tom Steyer, former hedge fund manager and radical environmentalist, funds campaigns across the country to further his vision of a greener society.  Although Democrats demonize the Koch brothers for their contributions to libertarian and conservative causes, they absolutely beclown themselves in order to get Tom Steyer's money.

Three Things Wrong With The EPA

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Three things wrong wtih the EPA.  There are more. 

What is Social Justice?

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This is an excellent primer on the Left's favorite expression, "Social Justice."  Jonah Goldberg defines the intentionally vague term as best as anyone can and, in the process, reveals the agenda of those who use it.  Needless to say, Social Justice doesn't lead to a free society. 

Common Corps Bullying

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What most people are seeing these days about Common Core on TV are slick ads promoting the program, which is backed by Bill Gates, certain politicians and business CEO's, and Obama's Department of Education.  From this video, it's apparent that intense pressure is being applied to teachers to adopt the program and shut up.  

Trey Gowdy Questions Lack of Curiosity by the Media Over Benghazi

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Trey Gowdy (SC-4) asks good questions about why the media is so uncurious about Benghazi in this press conference.  These are the same questions that many other people are also asking, but not getting answers to.  Under Bush, the media were attack dogs.  With Obama, the media are lap dogs. 

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