Anti-Gun Petitioners Violate Election Law

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Filmed in Vancouver, WA, anti-gun rights petitioners breaking state election laws by directing potential signers to put down any address.  As you may encounter these unethical people or others with the same lack of values, remember that I-594 is the pro-gun control initiative that liberals want.  I-591 is the one that will protect your gun rights.  

The Kronies

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For kids of all ages -- Action figures that are well connected.   If you're in favor of bloated big government and corrupt big business, Kronies are for you. 

UN Climate Chief Prefers Chinese Communism over American Democracy

UN Climate Chief Prefers Chinese Communism over American Democracy

Apparently blissfully unaware that socialist regimes have an abysmal environmental record, UN Climate Chief Christine Figueres announced that Communist China has the best model for fighting climate change.  She said she favored the totalitarian system in China as it is much more efficient in combating climate change and that the partisan divide in the U.S. Congress "was very detrimental to passing any sort of legislation to fight global warming."  

Wishing For Global Warming

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At the beginning of January 2014, Minnesotans For Global Warming (M4GW) are definitely pining for warmer temperatures, along with most of the U.S. population east of the Rockies.  Alas, it's not to be for a while.  It is winter after all. 

Thanks Congress - 40 and 60 Watt Incandescent Bulbs Are Going Away January 1st

Better stock up now.  Otherwise, your only choice for illumination, for the next few years anyway, will be the curly-fry CFL bulbs that often provide eye straining uneven light and may require hazmat procedures if broken.  Think of the demise of the incandescent as just another gift from an overreaching nanny state.  By the way, aren't all the CFL's made in China, whereas the incandescents were manufactured in the U.S.? The Heritage Foundation has more at the following link. 

Tales of Tyranny: Criminalizing Poverty in the San Juans

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The Freedom Foundation's excellent series Tales of Tyranny has no lack of subjects in Washington State.  Seems we are increasingly at the mercy of arrogant public officials.  San Juan County resident Eric Speed certainly was and the officials weren't very merciful, nor did they demonstrate the least measure of common sense or basic humanity.      

Representative Matt Manweller Speaks Out Against Attempts to Overturn Citizens United

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Last March, Representative Matt Manweller of the 13th District spoke about the attempt to get a resolution against the U.S. Supreme Court Citizens United decision in the Washington State Legislature.  He makes a lot of sense and explains the decision very well. 

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