Pitching Obamacare at the Thanksgiving Family Get-together

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Dear Leader's minions have encouraged his followers to talk up the benefits of Obamacare to family members during Thanksgiving.  Don't know if this video clip of one such effort is for real or it's a spoof, but it sure is funny.  

Post Mortem - Whatcom County Election

One of the greater disappointments in Washington State during this recent election was the defeat of three conservative (Republican) candidates for County Council in Whatcom Co.  That fundamentally changes the ideological make up of the council.  Jeremy Lott, writing for The Amercian Spectator, provides interesting insights on the debacle. 


Europe's Youth Unemployment Disaster

This is where Obama wants to lead us; to a European style government. In this New York Times article, we see the results of socialist-run, overbearing government as well as what integraton into the EU has meant to the youth of Mediterranean countries.  The account of a talented young Spaniard with no hope for the future in her own country and limited prospects in another should serve as a cautionary tale for Americans. The article can be found here

Tales of Tyranny: The Dave Petrich Story

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The City of Seattle is realy outdoing itself.  First, the word, "citizen" can not be used in official city correspondence as it might make someone here illegally feel bad.  Now, they go after a small business entrepreneur who is clearly not responsible for paying the exorbitant fine the city says he owes. Tyranny indeed!

You're Being Warned America - An Australian's Experience With Socialized Medical Care

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To quote one of its architects, Democrat Senator Max Baucus of Montana, "Obamacare is a trainwreck coming."  It's not going to work.  This video by an Australian detailing his experiences with that country's socialized medicine system should serve as a warning for us as to what to expect when bureaucrats control our medical care. 

Hysterically Creepy "Opt Out of Obamacare" Ad

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Content Warning - Somewhat Edgy

Two Democrat Colorado State Senators Recalled - Amateurs Responsible

CO Recall Effort Successful

FYI: Gun rights advocates recalled two Democrat state senators on September 10th.  One of the senators was the President of the Colorado Senate, proving that grass roots organizations can be effective, even if they’re run by amateurs.

One of the best accounts of the winning effort has been written by Charles Cooke of National Review Online.

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