The Skagit Republican Womans Club will host a Conservative Values Forum on Wednesday, June 14th at Skagit Valley's Farmhouse Restaurant at 11:30 AM.  The topic will be Vote Fraud in Washington State and the speaker will be Tom McCabe.  Tom is the CEO of the Freedom Foundation and served in Washington, D.C. as Director of Congressional Affairs for the U.S. Veterans Administartion under President Ronald Reagan.  In 2011, the American Conservative Union presented Tom with the Ronald Reagan award for his years of service in the conservative movement.

Tom McCabe was the person who carried the fight against the King County Democrat machine in 2004 when when Dino Rossi had the Governor's Office stolen from him.  We all remember when unscupulious Democrats mysteriously kept "finding" boxes of ballotts after the election until they had enough votes to steal the election for Gregoire.  The only substancial outcome was that Seattle finally got unmasked as the Chicago of the West Coast.

The Democrats haven't gotton away.  There is going to be a national investigation of vote fraud by the Trump Administration and Mr. McCabe is going to present some of the information we hope they will be looking at.

Your ticket is the cost of lunch at the venue.

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