Intentional Wrongdoing is the Only Explanation for the Widespread Election Fraud in AZ

Intentional Wrongdoing is the Only Explanation for the Widespread Election Fraud in AZ

December 12, 2022 - Election Integrity Update

Lawsuit "puts an end to any doubt that our elections, especially in Maricopa County, are rigged and massive reforms are needed if the public is ever to trust the results again."

"Our sacred vote was trampled on," Lake said. "Every Arizonan should be furious, regardless of party. Despite the desperate lies by the fake news, my team has filed one of the strongest election lawsuits in history."

270 Exhibits - Kari Lake's Election Lawsuit Charges Vote Malfunctions were 'Intentional'

VIDEO: Intentional Wrongdoing Is Only Explanation For The Widespread Election Malfeasance On Game Day In AZ

VIDEO: Over 300,000 Votes Lacked Legal Chain Of Custody In Arizona's 2022 Midterms, Christina Bobb Report

Kurt Olsen On The Tens Of Thousands Mismatched Signature On Arizona Ballots (Dec 12, 2022)

Shocking News: Owners of Top Election Printing Companies Runbeck and Cathedral Donated Frequently to Democrat PACs

“We Are Confident About Our Lawsuit in Terms of the Evidence and the Proof We Have Submitted” – TGP’s Jim and Joe Hoft Interview Kurt Olsen, Attorney for Kari Lake (VIDEO)

AZ Judge Sets Schedule For Kari Lake Lawsuit Against Maricopa County – Motion To Dismiss Due By Thursday – Tentative Trial Scheduled for Next Week

A Comprehensive Guide to Kari Lake's Lawsuit 

VIDEO: Tracy Beanz and Emerald Robinson Unpack Arizona Election and Kari Lake

Mohave County Arizona Voters File Lawsuit Against Katie Hobbs and Maricopa County Officials – Claim Fraudulent Midterm Election Dienfranchized Voters

Unexplained Ballot Drop in GA Senate Race Likely Prevented Herschel Walker from Winning Race Outright – ‘Drop and Roll’ Pushed Race to Runoff

Prosecutors: FTX Founder Bankman-Fried Made ‘Tens of Millions’ in Illegal Campaign Donations

Twitter Files Overshadow The Bigger Scandal: FBI Lied To Tech Giants To Interfere In Election 

The Soros Files Brazil: Barack Obama, PetroBras and the Biggest Corruption Scandal in Brazil’s History

Election-Fraud Corruption Is Deeper than Anyone Can Imagine

AZ ELECTION UPDATE: Whistleblower from Runbeck says "approximately 300,000 ballots were illegally inserted into the tally. Not coming from drop boxes, not coming from polling locations, but just being brought in by employees."

For Updates and More Info See: Election Integrity Page 

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