It's Obvious Now: America's Voting System Is Rigged!

It's Obvious Now: America's Voting System Is Rigged!

The machines went down! The tabulators failed! The paper ran out! The printer settings were wrong!

UPDATED DEC 1- November 9, 2022 Emerald Robinson’s The Right Way

Welcome to the Banana Republic of Biden — where the voting machines break down and the tabulators fail and the paper runs out on Election Day!

The rigging was so bad, so obvious, so corrupt that even the corporate media was forced to admit that electronic voting machines didn’t work across America. That was a “conspiracy theory” — you might recall — just the day before.

But — lo and behold ! — the machines were all “down” in Mercer County, New Jersey. They were full of “mishaps” in Harris County, Texas and in Chesterfield County, Virginia and in Bell County, Texas and in Suffolk County, New York. At least 20% of all the machines were “not working” throughout Maricopa County, Arizona. They “ran out of paper” in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. In fact, “officials say that roughly 44 polling locations in Luzerne County ran out of paper to print ballots.”

Of course, it’s completely normal on Election Day for 44 polling places to run out of paper simultaneously. Don’t start fueling conspiracy theories by noticing that such a shortage must be deliberate!

It was always the case that the Washington uniparty was going to rig the elections against Trump-aligned candidates. The Swamp was not interested in victories for candidates like Blake Masters and Kari Lake in Arizona, Herschel Walker in Georgia, Dr. Oz and Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania — and it was not interested in the continued careers of “troublemakers” like Lauren Boebert and Ron Johnson. Notice that almost all of those races are currently “too close to call” this morning — or called for the Democrat long before the votes could be counted.

Democrats needed to disrupt the Republican vote in Arizona to stop Masters and Lake — and what a coincidence! — the machines go down in the red precincts of Maricopa County and keep working elsewhere!

Democrats needed to disrupt the Republican vote to stop Lee Zeldin in New York — and what a coincidence! — the machines go down in Suffolk County!

That’s Lee Zeldin’s hometown.

A day after the election, the corporate media is telling you that “late arriving mail-in ballots” are still to be counted in order to decide elections in Arizona, Nevada, and elsewhere.

If you can believe these obvious lies, you can believe anything.

What does this vote-rigging look like?

All the corporate media outlets in America get their “real time” vote counts from Edison Research — and obvious vote-rigging patterns emerge when you chart the vote-dumping in real time.

Here’s the Georgia Senate race between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock.

Any blue spikes for Warnock that you notice?

Here’s the real-time vote dumping in the race for Minnesota governor between Tim Walz (D) and Scott Jensen (R) for governor.

Do you notice any strange curves? Any sudden surges?

Here’s the real-time vote dumping in the Illinois Senate race between Tammy Duckworth (D) and Kathy Salvi (R).

The race was called for Duckworth two minutes after the polls closed.

Here’s the real-time vote dumping in the Michigan Attorney General race between Dana Nessel (D) and Matthew DePerno (R).


It's Obvious Now: America's Voting System Is Rigged!


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It's Obvious Now: America's Voting System Is Rigged!


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It's Obvious Now: America's Voting System Is Rigged!


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