July 24 - July 31, 2020 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

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The ballots for the August 4th Primary Election arrived last week. Please make sure to vote, and tell your friends to vote! To view the SCRP endorsements and recommendations please see the Info For Voters page on our website. Link here.


There will be a Johua Freed For Governor Meet & Greet tonight from 6:00 PM to 8 PM in Bellingham. Catered Event at the beautiful Lairmont Inn: For RSVP Tickets: See www.FreedForGovernor.com/events or please call Ronda Franklin at 509-670-2460. 


Next Friday, July 31, 2020 at 11 AM – 12:30 PM there will be a Loren Culp for Governor Meet and Greet event and Rally at  20504 Cook Road in Burlington (Map).

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According to the “Reopening Washington Schools 2020 District Planning Guide," some public school students are more equal than others when it comes to returning to the classroom in the fall. OSPI Superintendent Chris Reykdal says the new policy is influenced by protests “over racial injustice and inequality." Saying "Educational systems and institutions continue to contribute to racial inequality and injustice.”

The guide prioritizes which students should return to the classroom first. Among those getting 1st priority for face-to-face education on campus are students who are “migratory,” “English learners” or of “color.” These categories are race-based and directly refer to non-white students.

Meaning public schools will be allowed to use race to determine which students return to the classroom first. It goes without saying that “students of color” refers to all non-white students. It’s not right that our state’s public education leaders are making “students of color” more equal than their white peers. Welcome to the segregated public schools of Washington state.


It was announced this week that in my hometown of La Conner 9 businesses — including two restaurants, an art gallery, and multiple retail shops — have permanently closed or are closing. Some businesses said they would never recover from the loss of Skagit Valley Tulip Festival revenue, which carries many through the year and slow winter months.

The businesses closing are Seeds Bistro & Bar, Whitey’s BBQ & Catering, Pelindaba Lavender, Les Femmes, Indigo Stitch, Cottons, La Conner Sweet Shoppe, the LUX Art Center and Bears ‘N Friends. It is unconscionable and extremely sad to see Governor Inslee and the State Democrat's continual Covid policies needlessly destroying good hardworking families lives. The easy solution is to vote Republican in the 2020 elections!


Covid Death Rate Drops for Twelfth Straight Week. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported the 12th straight week of a declining coronavirus death rate in the U.S. "Based on death certificate data, the percentage of deaths attributed to pneumonia, influenza or Covid-19 decreased from 8.1% during week 27 to 6.4% during week 28, representing the twelfth week of a declining percentage of deaths due to PIC," the CDC website states.


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A E-book entitled Unreported Truths about Covid 19 and Lockdowns by Alex Berentson was originally banned by Amazon for "Not complying with Amazon's guidelines."  Alex's book is filled with facts and data that is threatening the Democrat "Run out the clock until the November Election" narrative, such as: The median age of death with Covid-19 is 81, the high % of Long Term Care deaths, true deaths, etc. After much public pressure Amazon changed course and allowed the book. Many reputable doctors have been saying all along that the Covid virus is similar to a severe seasonal flu.

Berentson also has emails that shows a Texas ER executive saying they have plenty of room in the hospitals for Covid patients. He says the demographic cases themselves are younger people with mostly mild cases, and the ICUs are full of sick people WITH OTHER ILLNESSES who waited too long to go to the hospital (putting off needed surgeries, tests, checkups, etc.) during the lockdown months out of fear of Covid. He said hospitals that have been financially strapped are pressured to diagnose patients with Covid because it pays more. This also adds Covid "hospitalizations" to the statistics as the people were in the hospital for other reasons.

As explained in several of my past newsletters these are expected reasons as to why Covid cases are now increasing. This is exactly what California Urgent Care Doctors Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi warned us about back in May when they made national news referencing facts and data compiled from across the country which showed that healthy people should NOT be sheltering in place and NOT be wearing masks as Covid-19 is very much like the flu; even though YouTube Operatives removed the video that went viral with over 9 million views, you can find it here.

Important note: Many of the Covid cases are asymptomatic, and the death rate continue to decline. Other supporting Covid info herehere, here and here.


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A new UK report released this week says that the government mandated lockdowns may directly lead to 35,000 EXTRA PEOPLE dying from cancer this year due to delayed medical treatment, canceled surgeries, lack of screening and diagnostic testing, and fear of going to the doctor or hospital for medical issues.


It is ridiculous for schools in our state to have been deemed non-essential and closed the last several months and they need to reopen. The science and data about this is clear, without exception study after study across North American and the rest of the world say that the risk of illness from Covid -19 for children is far less than the typical seasonal flu. Schools are not closed in many countries and there has been no danger to students. Many studies say people under 20 Y.O. are 3 to 17 times less likely to get Covid instead of the flu. Even the CDC with the questionable death WITH numbers are reporting that 228 U.S. children and teens through age 17 have died with Covid, about 0.2% of the more than 140,000 reported Americans who have died with Covid in all.

Keeping schools closed is all about a Socialist / Democrat ideological narrative being pushed on society. This includes demands of keeping schools closed until charter schools are abolished, police defunded, wealth taxes imposed, implementing 'Medicare for All.' etc. All the while BLM protests are totally acceptable in the eyes of the Left.... Of course BLM donations go directly to Democrat candidates.

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School Choice is a practical solution to allow parents to be directly involved in how their own children are to be educated. The cost per student for our public schools is about $16,000 per student per year (an enormous cost to taxpayers). I am advocating that parents receive $8,000  - $10,000 per child to allow their children to be placed in Home Schools, Private Schools, Charter Schools, Christian Schools or Parochial Schools. This could easily be done with voucher programs. Additionally I would like to see other financial credits and / or scholarships to low-income, special needs, at-risk, and active duty military. If implemented this program would immediately help families and could save the state millions of dollars by reducing spending $ per student. See ISSUES Page BillBruchForHouse.com.


Joe Biden told attendees at the Muslim Voters Summit this week that more should be taught about Islam in our public schools. Biden included Islam as one of the "great confessional faiths" and said, "I wish we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith. It's one of the great confessional faiths." 

The online summit was hosted by Emgage Action, a PAC endorsing Biden that hopes to turn out a million Muslim voters for Biden in November. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, and Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) signed a letter organized by Engage Action endorsing Biden on Monday.


Since March through constant Covid Emergency Proclamations, Governor Inslee has abused the powers We the People gave him in the existing Emergency Powers Act. He has refused to revoke Proclamations once the emergency it was based on has passed. He has changed the goals of his Proclamations, ensuring they can continue indefinitely. He has favored his preferred businesses over those he dislikes through his definitions of essential business. He has refused to call the Legislature into session so that all representatives have a voice in the state’s emergency response. He has hired thousands of new state inspectors, and sent them to harass businesses, and fine them out of existence. He has forbidden church worship. He has forbidden protest against his Proclamations, yet he has allowed and encouraged other protest. In all this, he has acted arbitrarily. Government by executive Proclamation is contrary to American values. We must Restore the Balance of Power to We the People. We therefore introduce I-1114.

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I-1114 limits emergency proclamations issued by the Governor to no longer than 14 days unless extended by a vote of the Legislature. The Legislature may not extend a proclamation through mere letters from leadership, but must vote. No individual extension may exceed fourteen days. The Legislature may pass subsequent resolutions of extension, so that the whole of government must concur in the ongoing existence of an emergency proclamation. More info and to order petitions click here. Email: i1114@restorewashington.org. THE SCRP NOW HAS PETITIONS IN THE MOUNT VERNON OFFICE AT 2021 E. College Way Suite #200 (we are open Mon - Fri 10 AM to 2 PM).


The mandatory mask wearing orders put out by state governors, are NOT backed by any legitimate law. There is no proof masks prevent the spread of Covid, and masks are being used as a social control apparatus. REMEMBER WHEN INSLEE SAID THAT NOT WEARING A MASK WAS HIS FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT, he was actually making an accurate statement and that truth has not changed. Even Dr. Fauci has said that the mask is ineffective to combat this virus, and the CDC has put out a memo stating the same. NO ONE should be made to wear a mask; it is a SUGGESTION ONLY. The mandates are causing a lot more harm than good and something needs to be done. There is a petition out sign to tell President Trump to sign an executive order to make mandatory mask wearing unlawful, info here.


 A dozen Seattle police officers were hurt and one was hospitalized when a group of people inside a Sunday afternoon protest in downtown turned violent. The injuries occurred during the Abolish ICE protest, as several protesters armed with baseball bats were marching south on 5th Avenue, according to Seattle Police. The group began smashing windows and leaving graffiti behind on some businesses along the way, eventually moving to 3rd Avenue where more businesses were looted, had windows smashed and walls tagged with graffiti, police said.

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China's ambassador to the U.K., Liu Xiaoming, struggled on Sunday to explain drone footage from the region of Xinjiang that appears to show prisoners with shaved heads shackled, blindfolded and being led to trains, video interview here.

The video, which first appeared in October 2019 but resurfaced and went viral recently, has prompted fresh scrutiny of the human rights abuses China is carrying out against Uighur Muslims and other ethnic minorities. Since 2017, China's government has detained an estimated 1 million–2 million Uighurs in "re-education camps" that it claims are being used to root out extremism.

Last month, AP reported that China is engaging in a sweeping campaign of forced birth control and sterilization on Uighurs and other minorities that is "far more widespread and systematic" than was previously known — efforts that some experts have described as "demographic genocide."


Last night marked the 57th straight day that protest/riots have taken place in Portland, Oregon. Witnesses say between the hours of midnight and 5 AM approximately 2,000 anarchists which include a combination of Left Wing activists, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, are demolishing and setting fire to government buildings, this includes the Portland Police Association Headquarters and most recently the Courthouse. Video here and here.

 Portland Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler (who is the city Police Commissioner) continues to make excuses for his stand down orders as the anarchist willfully are doing criminal acts of violence, and are coordinating and organizing to intentionally attack and destroy government buildings, federal property and harm federal agents. The continued lawlessness forced the Trump administration to recently send in Federal Police to protect the people, officers and federal faculties. More video here.


In the 42nd Legislative District located in Whatcom County, Legislator Luanne Van Werven is defending her seat from Democrat challenger Alica Rule.  Last week Rule made a post on her Facebook page about how she appreciated the endorsement she had received from the postal workers union and how they helpfully wrapped the ballots with her campaign literature and delivered the ballots with just her campaign literature attached. 

This means the postal workers had to sort the ballots, match them to the Democratic campaign literature, fold it around the ballot and attach it to the ballot, then deliver. They had to do this to tens of thousands of ballots. It took multiple people to accomplish. Someone in the post office and / or Democrat Party had to suggest they do this. THIS IS ILLEGAL AND THERE NEEDS TO BE AN INVESTIGATION. Imagine the outrage, riots and self-destructive insanitary if this was done with Trump literature?  


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At least four Catholic churches in four states were vandalized last weekend in a string of attacks that have authorities wondering whether religious icons and statues are next to be targeted by Leftist "protesters." Churches in California, New York, Massachusetts, and Florida were all targeted by vandals, and several historic churches suffered major damage in arson attacks.

“A man in Florida plowed his vehicle into the Queen of Peace Catholic Church as it was preparing for morning Mass on Saturday, poured gasoline in the foyer, and then set the building on fire before driving off, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office reported.” 


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Residents of an apartment building in Ventura, California, found themselves prisoners in their own homes as they were “locked down” in their own apartment building and subjected to mandatory covid-19 testing and quarantine restrictions. According to local sources, this notice from the Ventura County Public Health agency was received on Friday, July 17th, at 6pm, and it described an enforced “mandatory quarantine” for the entire building. (It appears the enforcement order came from the County of Ventura.)


During a keynote speech delivered virtually to South Africa’s Nelson Mandela Foundation on July18, UN Secretary General António Guterres proposed a new worldwide “social contract” that he called a New Global Deal. The name Guterres selected for his initiative harkens back to the original New Deal, a series of socialist programs enacted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt between 1933 and 1939 as a supposed antidote to the Great Depression.

But instead of an economic depression justifying the New Global Deal, Guterres identified “inequality” — highlighted by the Covid pandemic — as the social ill that must be remedied by the New Global Deal. “A new model for global governance must be based on full, inclusive and equal participation in global institutions. Without that, we face even wider inequalities and gaps in solidarity — like those we see today in the fragmented global response to the Covid -19 pandemic,” Guterres said....We know that “Global governance,” of course means a World Government.


The U.S. State Department ordered the Chinese consulate general in Houston, Texas, be shut down late Tuesday evening, and released an 11-count indictment against Chinese hackers accused of facilitating the theft of millions of dollars of American intellectual property and corporate information on behalf of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Chinese officials on the ground responded by burning troves of documents and barring first responders from entering the grounds.


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If the State Democrats and (WSDOT) gets their way, the state will mandate GPS tracking to charge drivers not just for every mile they drive, but adjust the charge based on when, where, and why you’re taking the trip.

During the July 15th virtual Washington State Transportation Commission (WSTC) meeting, WSDOT Secretary Roger Millar described how the state will implement a Road Usage Charge (RUC). As it turns out, Millar’s vision for the RUC is to serve as a replacement for the gas tax, charging motorists for every mile they drive rather than for every gallon of gas they purchase at the pump.

However, some officials and transit activists want the RUC to serve as a general mileage tax that can be diverted from roads to subsidize transit, bike and pedestrian projects. To make matters more complicated and political, some officials, like Secretary Millar, advocate that the RUC should be layered with different functions – not just charging people per mile driven, but making it more expensive to drive during peak commute hours, or charging different rates on different roads.


Hundreds of thousands of ballots will be thrown out in the June 23rd New York State Primary election because of flaws in the mail in voting. Overall estimates are about 20% of all NY ballots (20,000 of those were not counted because post offices did not add postage to the ballots) won't count.. A 1-in-5 disenfranchisement rate is far too high for a developed democracy, but the rate was worse in the Brooklyn where the rejection rate was 28 %. Across that city, nearly 400,000 absentee ballots were cast, meaning Cuomo’s handling of the election could throw out some 100,000 votes. That’s roughly the number California disqualified, a number considered scandalously high though it represented just 1.5 percent of mail ballots. Cuomo came under scrutiny for insisting on the mail in voting due to Covid. More here.


Thanks to all the candidates and the 130 plus people that attended last Saturday's SCRP Summer Salmon BBQ. Special thanks to Glen Morgan who gave an outstanding talk. What an amazing event on a perfect sunny day! And a huge thank you to John & Kim Piazza for being such gracious hosts to allow us to use their beautiful venue. 

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Respect and Blessings,

Bill Bruch, SCRP Chairman

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