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The Skagit County Republican Party has endorsed the following candidates for the 2018 General Election:

Norma Smith Legislative District 10 State House Representative 

Dave Hayes Legislative District 10 State House Representative

Carolyn Eslick Legislative District 39 State House Representative

Keith Wagoner Legislative District 39 State Senate Representative  

Michael Petrish Legislative District 40 State House Representative Candidate

Tom Seguine State Appellate Court Judge Candidate

Rosemary Kaholokula Skagit Superior Court Judge Candidate

Jeffrey Beeler Congress 1st Congressional District Candidate

Susan Hutchison United States Senator Candidate

Joe Lindquist Skagit County PUD Commissioner Candidate

Congratulations to SCRP Members Keith Wagoner, Tom Sequine and Michael Petrish for Advancing to the General Election.  Good Luck in November!


THE SCRP IS AGAINST THE PROPOSED CHARTER GOVERNMENT BALLOT MEASURE AND IS ADAMANTLY RECOMMENDING TO VO "NO" ON CHARTER IN THE GENERAL ELECTION.  However, if this ballot measure passes, as a backup plan, it is advisable to vote for Freeholders that are in support of our current Commissioner form of government and against the proposed Charter government.  Below are recommended Freeholders to vote for on the ballot:


Commissioner District 1

Pos 1 Danielle M. Thomas

Pos 2 Annie Lohman

Pos 3 Roger Mitchell

Pos 4 Mark Hurd

Pos 5 Matt Miller

Pos 6 Don McMoran

Pos 7 Michael Petrish

Commissioner District 2

Pos1 Kirk S. Duffy

Pos 2 Ron Wortham

Pos 3 Mark Hulst

Pos 4 Rob Janicki

Pos 5 Dick Reitsma

Pos 6 George Eusterman

Pos 7 Navor M. Tercero

Commissioner District 3

Pos 1 Eric Johnson

Pos 2 Clyde G. Williams

Pos 3 Brian Lipscomb

Pos 4 Joe Franett

Pos 5 John Janicki

Pos 6 Keith Wagoner

Pos 7 James (Jim) Cook


Skagit Home Rule Charter is a solution in search of a problem.  It would incur increased distance between voters and their government, more bureaucracy, reduced transparency, reduced effectiveness, increased cost, and would tend to disenfranchise the rural population in favor of the urban core.

County commissioners are today directly accessible to the voters in their districts.  They are accountable to the voters and their deliberations are transparent.  Under the Charter, executive power could be concentrated in one person not answerable to all the voters.  The executive would be controlled by the majority of voters in the urban areas and the rural voices would not be heard.  Decisions would be made out of the public view.

Responsiveness and effectiveness would decline because departments would report to the executive, not to the elected commissioners.  It would become more difficult for the voter's voice to be heard.  The additional layers of bureaucracy inherent in the Charter form of government would further isolate the voters from the decision makers, especially in the rural districts and minimize accountability.

The Charter form of government is arguably more complex than the one we have now.  When has it ever been true that a more complex government is less expensive than a simple one?  When has complexity increased the service level or reduced taxes?  When has adding more layers increased transparency?

In short, our current Skagit County government is working well.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Vote no.



Skagit Home Rule supporters do not want open and transparent county government.  What they want is a secret government where groups of elected county officials can meet safely away from the public eye, and can make private agreements about county business.  They have said so several times in their statements and letters.  When someone boldly tells you their intentions, you should believe them.  Skagit County voters strongly rejected this in 2003.  Vote NO on charter.