July 3 - 10 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

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Seven Republican candidates for governor have filed for office. Three have emerged as the top candidates: Town of Republic Chief of Police Loren Culp (who regularly has several hundred people in attendance for his events), former Bothell Mayor and Councilmember Joshua Freed (who has out fund-raised the other candidates), and longtime anti-tax advocate Tim Eyman (who has very high statewide name identification).

Eyman has filed several lawsuits against Inslee and is saying he would run the state similar to Republican South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. Who didn't shut down her state -- didn't go with mandates, threats of fines or dictates and is not requiring citizens to wear masks. She's relying on the common sense and personal responsibility of the citizens who elected her. Eyman says if governor he would treat citizens like adults, give them information, advise them, persuade them if necessary, and trust them. Meanwhile Inslee continues on with his mask dictates, but says he does not have to wear one because of his first amendment rights, video here.

For a list of SCRP 2020 candidate endorsements and recommendations please see the Info For Voter page on the SkagitRepublicans.com website (link here).


To no one's surprise Inslee and the state Socialist/Democrats in power are again changing the goalposts for the umpteenth time. Their newest mandates say that ALL Washington counties attempting to re-open their economies must now "pause" at Phase 3. Also now businesses across the state won’t be allowed to serve customers who aren’t wearing a facial covering.

This is terrible public policy and more insanity as Covid death rates have been steadily dropping for several weeks (the trend line is unmistakable). These Authoritarian dictates are unscientific, misleading, misguided and are also unconstitutional.

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Four months of worldwide Covid data is in, the science and empirical evidence is clear, study after study say the mortality rate doesn’t make this virus more lethal than the seasonal flu. Almost half of all deaths from this virus are from nursing homes (in our state over 60%).  And most importantly these types of draconian mandates and forced closures of businesses do NOT work to help stop the Covid virus.


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The US Dept. of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration's website says the use of face masks does not necessarily protect the wearer from Covid. And warns that those who have trouble breathing when wearing a mask should not wear one. Additionally many studies are saying similar things.

Tests and people's experience show that face coverings reduce the oxygen levels of the mask wearer. This may lead to light headedness, dizziness, breathing disorders, lung and other health disorders. Long term forced mask mandates may even lead to the wearer to damaging their own immune systems. This would obviously lead to people being more susceptible to being diagnosed with Covid-19 (as we now know those with pre-existing conditions have a much better chance to contract the virus). Which would continue to justify their Emergency Order....


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There is no scientific evidence that forcing healthy people to wear a mask will prevent someone from being diagnosed with Covid. In fact it can be argued that it could easily make someone more susceptible to being diagnosed with Covid for reasons mentioned, plus it may hurt a 'herd immunity' being formed within a healthy persons immune system. Also no police, Sheriff or government agency can force you wear a mask or face covering against your wishes, simply because it is not a law. It is a proclamation and guidance (an opinion) from the State of Washington. 

Covid is an influenza-like illness and our state government's response to it has created a total economic disaster. There is no rational basis to keep the emergency in effect as the True Covid Death Rate has continued to decline since April. The collateral impacts of Inslee's policies are much more severe than the virus as thousands of businesses are now closed permanently and hundreds of thousand of lives have been and continue to be ruined. Also suicides, behavior health, domestic violence, crime etc., have all had dramatic increases. To learn more about the Covid Plandemic see video here.


On Tuesday Gov Inslee was heckled and had to cut short his speech on battling the coronavirus pandemic in Eastern Washington. Speaking outdoors at Columbia Basin College in Pasco, Inslee was repeatedly interrupted by citizens as he urged residents to wear masks. “Open it up,'' citizens shouted in reference to widespread business closures in the Tri-Cities of Richland, Pasco and Kennewick. The community is stuck in Inslee's Phase 1, devastating thousands of business, peoples' lives and livelihoods.  


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If State Democrats care about people getting viruses why in the 2020 legislative session did HB 1551 pass the State House on party lines (57 D to 40 R) and became law? The new law REDUCES the criminal punishment of people who knowingly infect another with the HIV virus from a felony crime of assault in the first degree to a misdemeanor or to a gross misdemeanor.  The law also repealed prohibitions on an individual who has a sexually transmitted disease if the partner is unaware of the disease.  And lowers the age of a minor from 16 years to 14 years of age to give consent to treatment of HIV infection WITHOUT a parent or guardian's consent.  Also the law consolidates and expands rulemaking authority for the State Board of Health relating to control of sexually transmitted diseases. This is a terrible law that puts the public at risk!


Gov. Jay Inslee, recently announced he will be setting up a new task force of over 20 appointed members to provide recommendations for legislation on independent investigations involving police use of force. Members will begin meeting this month to provide insight and feedback, review I-940 structure and investigative protocol, other independent investigation models, and provide input for legislation for the upcoming legislative session. 


Texas recently made it a hate crime to kill police officers. The new law also applies to crimes against judges. The signing of the law by Gov Greg Abbott comes just weeks after the passage of the Thin Blue Line Act by the U.S. House.

The Texas “Police Protection Act” (HB 2908) increases criminal penalties and punishment for an offense “committed against a person because of bias or prejudice on the basis of status as a peace officer or judge.”

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A person who causes serious bodily injury to a peace officer or a judge while that person was in the discharge of their official duties would be guilty of a felony of the first degree if convicted. A felony of the first degree is punishable by 99 years to life in state prison but the sentence may not be less than five years. 


CHOP update: On Monday a 16 yo teenager was killed and a 14 yo boy was severely wounded in Seattle’s “occupied” protest zone. This was the second deadly shooting in the area after multiple warnings, complaints, lawsuits and criticism from President Trump. A few reports say that the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club was acting as "police" in CHOP and they killed someone who had not been committing a crime.

On Tuesday Mayor Jenny Durkan asked the City Council to investigate Councilmember Kshama Sawant, calling for her to be punished. Durkan took issue with Sawant's decision to deliver a speech outside her home over the weekend, At that rally, Anarchists vandalized Durkan's home by spray-painting obscenities. (KIND OF WHAT THEY DID TO CAPITAL HILL).

Then finally at 5 AM on Wednesday, after 4 shootings, two dead and at least 65 reported assaults, rapes and robberies, over 100 Seattle heavily equipped police officers and tactical vehicles swept into CHOP to clear out Capitol Hill protest zone arresting at least 31. This was a deadly and massive failure in leadership. Very sad that weak ignorant elected officials allowed this extreme pain and suffering to happen in the first place; needlessly costing lives and millions of dollars of damage to residents and businesses (video interview of parent who lost his son).


Republican LD 28 State Senator Steve O’Ban is introducing legislation to prohibit the City of Seattle and other cities from withholding police, fire and rescue, and other essential services from a neighborhood or community in its jurisdiction. His legislation is intended to prevent CHAZ or CHOP scenario from ever happening again.

“I fully support the constitutional rights to peaceably assemble and of free speech, especially to correct decades of injustice and unfairness,” said O’Ban. “But that does not mean the Mayor and Seattle City leadership should have allowed, encouraged, supported, and even celebrated the establishment of the so-called autonomous zone and occupation of the East Precinct and streets, sidewalks and parks in Capital Hill.”

“Why should state tax dollars send funds to the City of Seattle for services they refused to render?” said O’Ban. “My bill will prohibit cities from taking taxpayer money intended to protect citizens, and then not protect citizens.”

O’Ban’s legislation prohibits cities from allowing so-called police-free, autonomous zones in the future, withholds state funding if they do, imposes on cities fines of up to $10,000 per day and allows residents a private cause of action for the foreseeable damages caused by a city’s willful withholding of police and other vital services. Thank You Steve, I am fully supportive of this proposed legislation! Read bill here.


President Trump's new Executive Order protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues – and combating recent Criminal Violence may be working as those reported crimes are down from last week. The order enforces federal law, and asks cities and states to protect monuments paid for by the federal government and warns those who pull down monuments with “long prison time.” Desecrating federal monuments is already illegal, but the executive order increases penalties, and provides cities and states with additional funding and support to protect targeted monuments, and warns municipalities that fail to keep protesters from felling statues with a loss of federal funding. Over 150 federal charges have been filed that include arson and murder against the criminal thugs.


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In a landmark 5-4 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled yesterday that a state court may not strike down a school choice program simply because it permits families to choose religious schooling. This is a major victory to parents who want to choose the best school for their children, including religious schools,” said Senior Attorney Erica Smith. “This is a landmark case in education that will allow states across the country to enact educational choice programs that give parents maximum educational options.”


Home School Legal Defense Association HSLDA is a non-profit advocacy organization that makes homeschooling possible by protecting homeschooling families and equipping them to provide the best educational experience for their children.

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To learn more about HSLDA and to receive specific advice about withdrawing your child from school and starting to homeschool click here. Also there is a Fidalgo Island Schoolers Homeschool (FISH) group available in the Anacortes area, for more info call (360) 630-4367 and / or see blog here. And Classical Conversations is another great Christian Home School alternative, info here. PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH AND BEGIN NOW AS HOMESCHOOLING IS BECOMING A VERY POPULAR OPTION FOR FAMILIES!


Many WA state Sheriffs including Lewis, Clark and Cowlitz counties have said they won't enforce the state's new mask order. Lewis County's Sheriff tells people not to be "sheep" for following announcement of the order; also Klickitat's sheriff Bob Songer had similar sentiments Video here.

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Children's face masks depicted with cartoons, unicorns, mermaids, etc. are now being sold by the hundreds of thousands; apparently this is all part of the "New Normal." However all this does is to normalize suffocating your child. There is plenty of science that shows that oxygen levels drop to unhealthy levels when wearing masks and face coverings. More lawsuits waiting to happen.

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According to a new Rasmussen survey 20 percent of Democrats' think Joe Biden has dementia, and more than 66% of Republicans agree. Biden’s gaffes and mumblings are catching up to him with his own base of voters, with one-fifth believing he has debilitating disease.


For the first time in history, the Democrat led House of Representatives has passed a bill to make Washington, D.C. a state. The bill passed by a vote of 232-180. No Republicans supported the legislation and only one Democrat was against it. D.C. statehood is not something the American people support. “More than 2/3 of the American people oppose D.C. statehood, according to a Gallup poll last summer. By some estimates, D.C. statehood is less popular even than defunding the police. So why are the Democrats pushing for it?” said U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton.


Last Saturday another huge Skagit crowd of over 350 people turned out to listen to Governor Candidate Loren Culp. Thanks to the Mount Vernon Harvest Baptist Church and everyone who attended their outdoor event!


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This Tuesday, July 7, 2020 from 10:30am to 12:00pm the SKAGIT COUNTY REPUBLICAN WOMEN'S meeting will take place at 14455 Gibralter Rd, Anacortes. To RSVP email Judybillings90@gmail.com . Or call 206-550-1836. Special guest speaker this month is SCRP Member  Dr. Linnea McCord, Author of - The Wisdom of Ants -- Restore the Secret Power of Trust That Made America Great Before It's Too Late. 


On Tuesday, July 7th at 6:30 PM the Snohomish County Republican Party is hosting a Virtual "Meet and Greet" event for Skagit County Republican Party Congressional Endorsed Candidates Jeffery Beeler and Tim Hazelo. More info here.

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On Saturday, July 18th from Noon to 3 PM the Skagit County Republican Party will be having our annual Summer Salmon Barbeque Picnic. Special Guest Speaker will be WA State Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR) Executive Director Glen Morgan. Also 2020 candidates including Governor candidate Joshua Freed will be speaking. Address is 34 Skokomish Way Shelter Bay, La Conner (Map). Cost is $25, $10 for students and ages 18 and under. To RSVP please call (360) 466-3474. Face coverings will be provided.

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Tomorrow bring your flags and patriotism and come to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of our country! On the 4th of July in Anacortes there is an organized get-together at 11 AM and a car procession beginning at Noon at 3rd and "O" street. The will end up at the veterans memorial in Causland Memorial Park at "N" and 7th St. OF NOTE: The donated veterans memorial in Causland Park that has been recently removed be of discussion.


On the 4th of July there will be a Independence Day celebration event in Oak Harbor beginning at 6 PM. Event is being organized by Eric Rhode and will be located on private property on the hillside just west of the Walmart and Safeway (Map). Come Celebrate our Great Republic and The Spirit of Independence with your friends and neighbors. Live music and a car cruise is also planned. Local and state Candidates including LD 10 State Senator Ron Muzzall and Myself, Bill Bruch Candidate for LD 10 State House will be speaking. All are welcome! Bring Your Food Trucks, and Vendors Welcome. FIREWORKS WILL FOLLOW!!


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These are the times that try men's souls, the summer solder and the sunshine patriot will in this crisis shrink from the service of their country. But he that stands by it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. The harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph, what we obtain too cheap we esteem too lightly, it is dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods, and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated.

Thomas Paine -- December 1776





Respect and Blessings,

Bill Bruch, SCRP Chairman



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