December 2023 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

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Mount Vernon Mayor: Peter Donovan

Mount Vernon City Council Pos 1: Navor Tercero

Sedro-Woolley City Council Ward 1: Kevin Loy

Sedro-Woolley City Council Ward 4: Allan Henderson

* Sedro-Woolley School Board #101 Pos. 2: Lindy Mullen Doyle

Burlington-Edison School #100 Pos 4: Rich Wesen

Fire Protection District No. 3 Commissioner Pos. 2: Steve Skrinde

* Leading by 6 votes - pending hand recount 

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BIG 2023 WINS! The success rate of the Washington State Republican Party (WAGOP) spotlighted and supported school board campaigns was outstanding!

Several months ago, the WAGOP identified 36 school board races from school districts all around the state to spotlight and support in this year’s general election. Those common-sense conservative candidates in the "bellwether" selected school board races are winning or won 32 of the 36.

State parties don’t often get involved in local races, including school boards. But this year the WAGOP decided to accept those challenges and get involved, specifically in school board races.

WHY SCHOOL BOARDS ARE SO IMPORTANT: The WA State Constitution states a uniform high-quality basic education is the “paramount duty” of state government and there is a growing dissatisfaction about the declining performance of our K-12 schools. Article


New conservative majority on Mead School Board says they’ll represent parents

A huge final push to get 6 Let's Go Washington Initiatives over the finish line is happening across the state. The goal is to get 400,000 + signatures on each initiative by Dec 31, 2023, to qualify for the Nov 2024 general election. Several have reached the goal, but the more signatures the better! If you have not signed yet please contact the SCRP Mount Vernon office, 2114 Riverside Dr, Suite 206 - (360) 424-9792.


THE INITIATIVES: Good Government Policy and Simple Solutions 


This measure would remove certain restrictions on when peace officers may engage in vehicular pursuits. Such pursuits would be allowed when the officer has a "reasonable suspicion" a person has violated the law, pursuit is necessary to identify or apprehend the person, the person poses a threat to the safety of others, and those safety risks are greater than those of the pursuit.


This measure would prohibit the state, counties, cities, and other local jurisdictions from imposing or collecting income taxes, defined as having the same meaning as “gross income” in the Internal Revenue Code.


This measure would repeal an excise tax imposed on the sale or exchange of certain long-term capital assets by individuals who have annual capital gains of over $250,000.


This measure would allow parents and guardians of public-school children to review instructional materials and inspect student records, including health and disciplinary records, upon request. 

It would require public schools to provide parents and guardians with certain notifications, including medical services given and when students are taken off campus; access to calendars and certain policies; written notice and opportunities to opt students out of comprehensive sexual-health education; answering certain surveys or assignments. 


This measure would prohibit state agencies from imposing any type of Carbon Tax / Credit Trading and repeal Cap & Invest program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It also REPEALS the wretched cap-and-trade tax scheme which doesn't do anything to stop pollution or greenhouse gasses and has driven gasoline and diesel prices up $1/gallon. It is a regressive tax that hurts working families harder than rich people.


People can't afford another payroll tax! Allow working Washingtonians to opt out of the state government's insolvent "long-term care" tax scheme. It's an unpopular and expensive deduction out of working people's paychecks. Benefit is minimal. Taxpayers lose benefit if they move out of state.

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Why Citizen Initiatives are vital to local democracy: 4 key success factors

Initiative to the Legislature attempts to rid workers of WA Cares, payroll tax

Brandi Kruse Video Interview: Brian Heywood About the 2023 Initiatives

More than 418,000 voters signed an initiative to repeal the Democrats cap-and-trade triple tax scheme - It hammers working peoples' paychecks and doesn't reduce emissions like Democrats claim. This Democrat scheme taxes working families on their commutes to work. It increases their grocery bills, and it raises the cost to heat their homes in the winter. Post

Marxist ideologies are leaving Washingtonians to deal with runaway inflation coupled with rapidly rising taxes! Both policies often implemented by unelected administrative state or federal bureaucrats, or imposed by an out-of-control Dem majority at the WA Legislature.  Article

HOW TO FIX? Join the Skagit County Republican Party! The SCRP Central Committee meets in-person the second Saturday of every month from 10 AM to 11:30 AM at the Freedonia Grange, 1225 McFarland Rd, Mount Vernon, and on Zoom - 6 PM the 4th Tuesday of each month. More info email: / call (360) 820-1700.

JANUARY 13, 2024 CAUCUSES! The precinct caucuses are vitally important meetings that only happen once every 4 years. It is where GOP activists, supporters and members of the community vote in person for their preference for U.S. President, discuss pertinent issues, the Republican platform, submit resolutions and elect Delegates to the County Convention. Post

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Thanks to Democrat Policies, WA is now the 18th most dangerous state in the US - Violent crime rate is 1,853 per 100k people and a property crime rate of 12k per 100k people. Fife residents have a 1 in 15 chance of encountering incidents like vehicle theft, burglary, or other theft. While Fife takes the lead, other cities also grapple with high crime rates. Tukwila, Tacoma, and Spokane are notable for their elevated crime rates. Smaller cities like Toppenish and Shelton pose safety concerns due to a combination of violent and property crimes. Article

Man accused of causing fatal chain-reaction bus crash in Seattle had 50 past warrants issued for his arrest

Academics is less of a priority in our schools, and it shows

Democrats Thrive on Lowering Standards

With so few police officers to protect our neighborhoods, our quality of life is being diminished at every turn. WAGOP has a plan to help with homelessness, protect our neighborhoods and fight crime. Video

Our Kids Are Sitting Ducks: Robberies Target Seattle Schools

Mental Illness: The Ignored Public Health Crisis. 50 % of mass homicides are associated with severe mental illness, desperate families cry out for help managing psychosis. Article

A growing share of Seattle homeowners are selling their homes for less than they paid for them, per Redfin data losing money on home sales is becoming more common. Article

Yakima City Mayor Deccio wastes 911 police call trying to stop signatures - gets schooled

GAO report exposes what we’ve known to be true all along: Governor Inslee and the Washington Department of Ecology are responsible for killing Puget Sound salmon and must be held accountable for their negligence. Article

Johnathan Choe's reporting in Seattle raises a question - why is the Left so violent?

WA State Ferries’ many service disruptions are the newest rock-bottom moment for an overwhelmed fleet. Dem State Control bears the greatest responsibility. Article

Blue state residents are paying way more for energy than red states, new report shows


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Argentina Citizens Remain Free! Elect right wing anti-socialist economist Javier Milei in a landslide - One of the most important elections since the return of democracy in 40 years. Pro-life candidate Javier Milei and his party “La Libertad Avanza” won the presidential run-off with a landslide victory, a 12% margin in one of the most polarized and ideologized campaigns ever. Article

Argentina counted paper ballots by hand, ballots placed into cardboard boxes and managed to count all 30 million of its ballots on election day, counting 2 million ballots per hour. POST

5 Things to Know About Argentina's New President

Geert Wilders and his party won a shocking landslide in the Netherlands!  A populist has won a huge victory in one of the biggest political earthquakes in the Netherlands since World War II. He's been called the Dutch Trump and been threatened with death countless times by Islamic extremists. Now Geert Wilders has won a massive election victory in the Netherlands and is in position to form the next ruling coalition and possibly become the country's next prime minister. Article

Dutch Donald Trump wins election - in position to be next prime minister

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Republicans Sweep 3 Major State Offices in Louisiana Elections - The three victories mean that Republicans have secured every statewide elected office for the first time since 2015! Article

GOP wins in many NY state races - Republicans celebrate the red wave on Long Island 

Republicans won a slew of local 2023 elections in New York, where GOP candidates successfully ran on issues such as illegal immigration, zoning and crime. Every state is a border state with Biden’s open-border policies - Nowhere was that more apparent than in New York as the migrant and crime crises promise to be a one-two punch against Democrats’ dreams of retaking GOP-held swing seats in 2024.” Article

New York Republicans Flip Seat Held by Democrats for 20 Years

Republicans in South Carolina Score a Historic 2023 Win

House Speaker Mike Johnson Endorses Trump. President Donald Trump’s bid to retake the White House received big endorsement this morning from the newly elected Speaker of the House Mike Johnson. Article

Speaker Johnson slams FBI for targeting religious Americans: "In my view, the evidence shows the FBI in the last couple of years has been weaponized. We have to ensure that the FBI is a trusted institution. Right now, it's not.” Article

Steve Scalise: It's outrageous that the Biden Administration opposed our bill to block the $6 billion for Iran. The Biden Admin. knows Iran funds Hamas and other terrorists. House Republicans just passed a bill to block it anyway. Article

FACTS EXPOSED! Speaker Johnson, GOP Reps 'Evidence' Biden Benefited From 'Corrupt Influence Peddling' - One of the largest political corruption scandals in our lifetime and potentially in our nation's history. Press Conference Video

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FINALLY! Jan. 6 tapes released to public! House announces online viewing room of thousands of hours. Article

What are they still hiding about January 6th? Take a look at some of what we've uncovered so far on "The Rest of the Story" with @laralogan. Video

INSURRECTION LIE: "We go undercover as Antifa in the Crowd" -  Pence’s Role in the Events of Jan. 6 Is Far More Significant Than Many Realize. Video

The Biden administration has been essentially a "third term" for former President Barack Obama as the current occupant of the White House seeks to accomplish or reinstate leftist goals and policies. Even NBC News says Obama's influence in the Biden administration has been more significant, saying "Former President Barack Obama quietly advised the White House over the past five months on its strategy." Article 

The Muslim Brotherhood's Infiltration - 400 Biden Regime Officials Sign Pro-Hamas Letter

411 House Democratic staffers signed a letter indicated their Hamas support. That House letter was followed up on Nov. 3 by another anonymous letter, this one from Democratic National Committee staff, that also contradicted Biden administration policy. On Nov. 6, a “dissent memo” from State Department staff was leaked to the press. On Nov. 11, dozens of House Democratic staff staged a walkout. On Nov. 14, a letter signed by 400 officials, all appointed by Biden across 30 different agencies, was released. Article

400 in Biden’s Administration are pro Hamas! We have definitely been infiltrated. Are we now the victims of Jihad? How could Dems have sworn to uphold our Constitution and support a terrorist group of the Muslim Brotherhood that says they will destroy our miserable House from within? You must understand the goal of Islam…to conquer the world.  Americans better wake up and get educated fast!!! Video

New Proof the Biden Presidency Is Actually Obama’s Third Term

FOLLOW THE MONEY: China Owns Biden: Treason, International Bribery, Money Laundering . The Bidens began working with CEFC, a Chinese energy company linked to the CCP when Biden was vice president.  Article

Biden opens $10 BILLION MORE in frozen funds for Iran: Sparks fury by allowing Iraq to buy electricity from Tehran - while proxies attack American troops in the Middle East

Ted Cruz explains the problems with the Biden's Adminstration's policies torwards Iran.

Sam Bankman-Fried found guilty in one of the highest profile crime cases this century. After four and a half hours of deliberations, SBF was found guilty on seven counts of fraud and conspiracy. He was found guilty of committing wire fraud on customers of FTX, conspiracy to commit wire fraud on customers of FTX, wire fraud on Alameda Research lenders, conspiracy to commit wire fraud on lenders to Alameda Research, conspiracy to commit securities fraud on investors in FTX, conspiracy to commit commodities fraud on customers of FTX, and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

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SBF received a full sentence and he now faces up to 115 years behind bars. His sentencing is set for March 2024. Article

FTX chatted about $500K in ‘dark money’ support to help Sen. Patty Murray after fundraiser. Gabe Bankman-Fried, his brother, and other top executives at FTX discussed a $500,000 “dark” money transfer “to help Murray,” according to encrypted chat messages revealed by prosecutors at the federal fraud trial of Sam Bankman-Fried in Manhattan. The chats and the fundraiser shed light on the tactics of wealthy donors seeking to curry access and favor with powerful elected leaders, including through so-called dark money donations — cash funneled to tax-exempt organizations, independent of a candidate’s campaign, that don’t disclose their donors.

Three days before the Patty Murray fundraiser, Gabe Bankman-Fried donated to Murray and discussed an urgent dark money transfer with his brother and other FTX leaders who’d used a group chat to weigh in on where to direct their increasingly large political donations. The Nov. 1, 2022, exchange, displayed as a trial exhibit by prosecutors took place in a group chat labeled “Donation Processing” on Signal, an encrypted messaging app.

Gabe Bankman-Fried wrote that he’d “talked to Murray folks” who “gave us most of what we wanted.” He wrote that “we still want to do partial fill of $500k dark” — an apparent reference to a dark money donation. Gabe Bankman-Fried wrote to his brother “we moved $500k dark to help Murray since you pre-approved it and didn’t object quickly.” Article

VIDEO: FTX-Democrat Money Laundering Scheme Bigger Than Enron 

Prosecutors: Bankman-Fried Made ‘Tens of Millions’ in Illegal Campaign Donations

Dems' dark-money schemes spent nearly $1 billion on liberal ideologies - "You have this whole self-dealing scheme where progressive donors are hiding behind nonprofits."

A major left-wing dark money network raised more than $1 billion in 2022 and funneled millions into liberal causes across the country, recently published tax documents reveal. Arabella Advisors, a for-profit venture run by Clinton administration veteran Eric Kessler, manages five left-wing nonprofits: the Sixteen Thirty Fund, the New Venture Fund, the Windward Fund, the Hopewell Fund and the North Fund. Arabella’s network raked in $1.3 billion in revenue during 2022, and provided financial support to things like climate lawsuits, pro-abortion initiatives and election-related orgs. Article

KANGAROO COURT UPDATE: Endless Lies by Attorneys in the Colorado 14th Amendment case to remove President Donald Trump from the ballot. Attorneys caught using doctored video with false timestamps. Video

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Colorado Judge Forced To Keep Trump on Ballot - Disqualification clause of the 14th Amendment did not apply. Article

Attorney Bobb to Newsmax: It's All Coordinated! Efforts to Silence Trump Harm All Americans. Video

House Republican Files Ethics Complaint Against Judge in Trump Fraud Case - "This judge’s bizarre behavior has no place in our judicial system." Article

Jack Posobiec: Democrat Lawfare - Obama DC, NY, GA Partisan judges/prosecutors. Podcast

Donald Trump's attorney Alina Habba says judge Arthur Engoron had an unhinged episode in the court room where he started "slamming" a table. VIDEO

Biden's handpicked prosecutor continues to round up and arrest Americans for any involvement in the events of Jan. 6 - 19 individuals in the month of November alone. Post

New J6 Footage Shows Ray Epps Whispering to ‘Baked Alaska’ "We’re Here to Storm the Capitol"

BLM Agitator John Sullivan Convicted of Multiple Jan. 6 Crimes

Corporate media partners with Antifa propagandist to wage war against conservative think tank. As this censorship-industrial complex surges into overdrive ahead of the 2024 White House race, it's clear they are on a mission to whip up hysteria against anyone right of center in an attempt to silence their voices and render them untouchable. Article

ELECTION INTEGRITY: Video: Why voting by mail is the worst way to run an election! 

2023 Election Surprise: Argentina managed to count all 30 million of its ballots by midnight, one day - Paper ballots by hand, ballots placed into cardboard boxes. No big deal!

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Big Court Victory for Election Integrity - Federal Court Issues Major Ruling. Voter ID, Signature Verification, Redistricting now protected. Video

Mark Finchem & Seth Keshel Announce Launch of the Precinct Mapping Project (EFI). The smallest political unit found in states is the “Precinct,” or in some states the “Ward”. The Election Fairness Institute is offering precinct level analysis that reveals likely voter registration irregularities and election manipulation. Article

Election offices are sent envelopes with fentanyl or other substances

Fentanyl found in substance delivered by mail to Skagit County Elections Department

Election Fraud Is Real and Needs to Be Fixed Before 2024

The Voting Machines "Failed" In 18 States On Election Day! Pennsylvania & Kentucky & Texas were hit by gas leaks and judge-flipping machines. The rampant corruption of America’s rigged election systems is even more comically obvious this time around in 2023 — than it was in 2022, 2021 and 2020. Article

2023 Ballot Fraud Caught On Camera. Video footage from a man’s residence via Ring camera that shows a woman removing ballots from his mailbox. On Election Day, the man went to cast his ballot in person and was informed that he already voted. Article / Video

JAMES O' KEEFE (OMG) VIDEO: BALLOT HARVESTERS CAUGHT BREAKING THE LAW - DHS and CISA Tried to Pressure Twitter 1.0 to Censor this Video

O' KEEFE BOMBSHELL: Congressional report outlines structure of ‘censorship industrial complex’ - Election Integrity Partnership arm of Federal Goverement. EIP Stakeholders include federal government DHS, CIZA, Big Tech. VIDEO

Smurfing Update: look very closely at all the ties, in particular in and around the section labeled "Fundraising" - Criminally corrupt ActBlue is in here, as is CivicTech. POST

FEC UPDATE: Swiss Billionaire gave hundreds of millions of dollars to Democratic and Progressive Causes - Goal: Wants to remake the American Constitution! The Mystery Behind Donor's $154k in Political Contributions. OMG Video


Joe Oltmann: How do you out-harvest or outvote the machines? Post

The Philippines' Commission on Elections (COMELEC) moved to ban Smartmatic PH, a voting technology company, after the U.S. Justice Department filed criminal charges against a former COMELEC official alleging that he was bribed by Smartmatic in exchange for winning contracts in the Philippines. Article

Bizarre Examples of How Voter Registration Fraud Happens

These 6 Election Fraud Scandals Saw Overturned Results, Indictments

Emerald Robinson: Feast Your Eyes On All This Election Fraud! Here's 58 articles on America's rigged system you'll need to read before the next election

A new primary election was court ordered by amid alleged fraud in Conn, while Democrats in Mass. and New Jersey are also accused of or charged with election fraud. This brings the total of election-related criminal cases across the country to at least three. Democrats in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey are facing various allegations of election fraud, as two instances are related to this year's elections while two more are with regard to prior elections. Article

WASHINGTON: WSRP Files Formal Ethics Complaint Against WA Secretary of State Hobbs. The Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) filed a formal ethics complaint with the Washington State Ethics Board against Secretary of State Steve Hobbs. A big thank you to WSRP Chairman Jim Walsh for initiating the complaint and attorney K. Garl Long, Long Law office, for writing and filing the complaint. Article

WAGOP files ethics complaint against SoS Hobbs over social media monitoring


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Who are the Arbiters of "Truth" - Who are Fact-Checking the AI Fact-Checkers?

King County Elections Redacted...(Part 2) - WSRP Press Release for Potential Litigation

A combination of errors and incidents created a situation where a sizable number of 2023 election ballots were found in a Seattle mailbox that was out of service. Article

USPS Failed to Deliver Ballots from Seattle Mail Drop Box in the 2023 General Election

85 ballots reach King County Elections Office AFTER sitting in out-of-service mailbox

More uncounted ballots found in out-of-service mailbox, this time in Pierce County

Seth Keshel has gone on the record saying, "Washington state had the most fraudulent election of 2020 - per elector. With 590,000 excess votes spread over 12 electors, that comes out to 49,000+ fraudulent votes per elector. My numbers show DJT within 6 points there." Seth Top 5 Dirtiest States by Excess Votes per Elector: 1. Washington – 49,176. 2. Hawaii – 37,033. 3. Oregon – 37,029. 4. Michigan – 36,005. 5 New Jersey – 35,944. Article

Captain Seth Keshel - Three Years Later: 10 Things We've Learned Since November 2020

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KING COUNTY COVER UP!   /   King County Elections Redacted...

VIDEO: Mill Creek View Podcast - WSRP EIC Chair Bill Bruch Talks Election Integrity

ARIZONA: MASSIVE PROBLEMS IN AZ 2023 ELECTIONS! Mark Fincham & Seth Keshel - Election Transparency Is The Only Way Forward, It’s Time To Show The World. Video

Mark Finchem shows AZ AG’s actions were not just tyranny, they are “criminal.” The thuggish abuse of office and overreach of authority by Kris Mayes, is the substance of tyranny. Never before has an Executive Branch officer threatened the elected representatives of the People with felony prosecution for doing their job. The Mohave County Board of Supervisors is a Legislative Branch office because they pass ordinances (laws) for civil conduct. The AG’s letter threatening to pursue criminal charges against elected officials engaged in due diligence, in pursuit of compliance with a lawfully passed, Constitutionally based directive is by any measure an abuse of authority. Article

AZ AG Mayes announces indictment of 2 Cochise County Board supervisors on felony charges of interference with an election officer and conspiracy. Judd & Crosby refused to certify midterm election by deadline & pushed for ballot hand-count. Post

Harmeet Dhillon: Seems like a bit of a conflict for the sitting AG to be prosecuting election officials who presided over her heavily litigated election. Supposed crime is demanding a hand count?! Post

The Latest Filing In Kari Lake v. Katie Hobbs in Arizona - Maricopa is forced to admit it didn't properly certify the voting machines! Article

Abe Hamadeh Files 2nd Concurrent Lawsuit To Have 2022 Election Redone

TENNESSEE: A new law prohibits third-party groups like Democrat PACs and George Soros NGOs from passing out the state’s official absentee ballot forms (which is done to flood the system with mail-in ballots). Article

PENNSYLVANIA: Voting Machines Down in Several Districts in Pennsylvania Due to “Votes Getting Flipped”

Dominion ballot marking devices discovered switching the votes between two judicial candidates. The machines were printing ballots with QR codes that didn’t match the names of the judges that voters were selecting. That wasn’t even hackers doing it. The machines were doing it (likely because that’s how they were programmed to operate). Article

Pennsylvania County Vote Flip for Superior Court Candidates - It appears that when a voter selects a "Yes" or a "No" for one of the candidates for retention to the Pennsylvania Superior Court, the selection is recorded on the paper ballot and on the machine for the other candidate. Article

Legalizing Ballot Fraud in Pennsylvania

2023 Election: Again - Pennsylvania judge-flipping machines

Pennsylvania’s 2020 Election Was Invalid

CONNECTICUT: A Superior Court Judge tossed out the results of a Sept. 12 primary in Bridgeport after video emerged showing a supporter of Democratic Mayor Joe Ganim stuffing multiple ballots, several different times, in an absentee ballot drop box. Article

You Can’t Make This Up: Connecticut Resident Casts Vote Using Grocery Store Bonus Card as Identification to Vote

BLATANT VOTER FRAUD! Judge throws out election results - Orders new election

New Videos Show ‘Larger, Coordinated Activity’ in Bridgeport Primary

WISCONSIN: JUDGE STOPS CORRUPT ELECTIONS DIRECTOR MEAGAN WOLFE FROM ILLEGALLY SOLICITING ABSENTEE BALLOTS. A Wisconsin Judge has ended another corrupt activity taken by the state’s illegitimate Elections Director Meagan Wolfe. He has BANNED the State Election Commission from using their website “MyVote” to illegally send and receive mail-in ballot applications. The Election Administrator Meagan Wolfe who is currently illegally occupying the office has therefore been using MyVote to illegally solicit absentee vote applications knowing very well they didn’t have the authority to do so. Article

Judge Orders Wisconsin to Follow Law on Mail Ballot Applications

THREE more lawsuits in Wisconsin to help fight election fraud

MASSACHUSETTS: Voter Fraud Caught On Camera From 2023 Elections 

EXPOSED: Election scheme involving paying people cash money to vote. An election scheme wherein homeless people were transported from shelters to the voting booth, dropped off, and essentially forced to vote in exchange for money. Article

Massachusetts Ballot Theft Caught on Camera — Security Footage Reveals Woman Stealing Man’s Mail-In Ballot Who Was Informed He Already Voted (VIDEO)

NEW YORK: New York Governor Kathy Hochul Announces ‘Surveillance Efforts’ to Monitor ‘Hate Speech’ on Social Media — Administration to Contact Users (VIDEO)


Articles of Impeachment Filed Against Michigan AG Over Voter Fraud Scandal

17,327 is the Number of Dead People Who Voted in Michigan’s 2020 Presidential Election

GEORGIA: Joe Hoft: Raffensperger Gets Caught, explains the GA Debacle. Video

Georgia's State Election Board Now Admits To Violations In 2020 Election!

Nothing Adds Up in Fulton County… 17k Missing Ballot Images, 10 “Phantom” Tabulators That Account for 20k Votes, and More

A GA federal judge ordered the creation of several new congressional districts that are majority black

Fulton County's Lawyers Disappear! Election Officials Admit They Destroyed Ballots!

150,000 still secret 2020 unfolded mail ballots with the perfect ovals protected by court order for 3 years may have gone missing, and the county’s lawyers have just quit.
Poll manager Suzi Voyles was sorting through a large stack of mail-in ballots last November when she noticed something odd: several ballots marked for Joe Biden were extremely similar. One after another, the votes contained perfectly filled ovals for Biden. What’s more, each of the bubbles boasted an identical white void inside them using toner ink. Post

Federal Judge Orders Trial for GA 's Dominion Voting Machines

GA new law implements several election integrity items. The law will impose new rules on the use and availability of drop boxes. It also prohibits the Democrats from passing out food, water, booze, cash, cigarettes, or other gifts to people waiting in long lines and reassuring them that the gifts do, indeed, come from Democrats and so why wouldn’t you vote for them? Article

Georgia learned that none of its Dominion voting machines meet current federal standards when it comes to safety and security. Every machine needs to individually have its software patched and updated to meet the latest cybersecurity standards. Article

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NORTH CAROLINA: The state legislature overrode Democrat Governor Roy Cooper’s veto of several election integrity measures. State election boards are now required to be bipartisan, instead of being run only by Democrats. Cooper actually argued that it was a “threat to democracy” to have Republicans serving on election boards with his handpicked Democrats. Article

COLORADO: Attorneys in the Colorado 14th Amendment case to remove President Donald Trump from the ballot caught using doctored video with false timestamps. Video

UTAH: A former Utah county clerk was charged with 8 criminal charges which include three felonies and other counts for the alleged shredding and mishandling of election ballots soon after the 2022 election as law requires them to be kept for at least 22 months

TEXAS: It Happened Again: Dallas County, Texas ES&S Pollbooks Add Hundreds of “Checked-in Voters” on Their Own in Real-Time as Polls Close

2023 Elections: The voting machines were “not working” in Houston

Texas Think Tank Expands Election Integrity Focus to 5 Key Battleground States

U.S. 5th Circuit sets Galveston County redistricting case appeal for May 2024

Smurfing update: Sheila Jackson campaign finance contributions. For both her US Congressional campaigns and she is leaving Congress and running for Mayor of Houston. Wow, wow, wow! Big-time smurfing, i.e. campaign money laundering! The numbers are overwhelming: loaded with Smurfs. Post

NEW JERSEY: New Jersey Democrats Face New Charges Over Election Fraud Involving Mail-In Ballots and Voter Registrations

In 2023 the voting machines were “acting funny” and telling voters they had voted before they cast their ballot. Article

CALIFORNIA: CA Restricts Hand-Counting Ballots; Shasta County Plans To Defy

MINNESOTA: JAMES O' KEEFE VIDEO: Minnesota Ballot Harvesters Caught - DHS and CISA Tried to Pressure Twitter 1.0 to Censor this Video!

JV VIDEO: When Citizens Have Better Computer Technology Than Their Government – Minnesota Investigation finds 172,000+ Voter Issues

LOUISIANA: Voters overwhelmingly rejected allowing any private or foreign funding to administer and conduct elections. Mark Zuckerberg or any like-minded foreign billionaires won’t be able to buy off Louisiana’s elections like they did in Wisc. Vote was 73% to 27%. Article

IDAHO: Canyon County Voting Machine Accepts Photocopy of Ballot During Test - Gee What Could Go Wrong?

KENTUCKY: The state of Kentucky pulled a play from Georgia’s 2020 election (recall the phantom “pipe break”incident) and cleared out a precinct due to a supposed “gas leak.” 

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The Next Blockbuster Lawsuit: Dominion vs Newsmax! - Another voting machine company wants $600 million for pain and $1 billion for suffering. Article

VIDEO: COLORADO CRACK UP Former Colorado Election Official Tina Peters Interview

In new lawsuit, Tina Peters aims to preempt any federal charges against her

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The story of the Good Samaritan in the Bible has been a key underpinning of American society for centuries. Helping others, especially the most vulnerable, when they are being attacked by evil or those trying to do them harm. The left's modern-day social justice agenda threatens this ethos, dissuading good people from stepping in. This will ultimately degrade society, which is, of course, the left's goal as they attempt to rewire what it means to live in America. It must be stopped before it is too late. Article

Collateral Impacts of Stolen Elections: FCC's Takeover of the Internet. “Biden Administration’s plan empowers the FCC to regulate every aspect of the Internet sector for the first time ever." It is motivated by an ideology of government control that is beyond comprehension. The FCC reserves the right under this plan to regulate both ‘actions and omissions, whether recurring or a single instance.’ In other words, if you take any action, you may be liable, and if you do nothing, you may be liable. There is no path to complying with this standardless regime. It reads like a planning document drawn up in the faculty lounge of a university’s Soviet Studies Department. Article

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Welcome To The Police State In America American - Video

SPYGATE: Attorneys reveal Biden's DOJ ordered @elonmusk's Twitter to provide his regime with a list of every American who liked, followed, or retweeted President Trump

EXPOSED - The broad public-private censorship enterprise that aimed to suppress purported “mis-, dis- and malinformation” on social media platforms started almost immediately after Democrats were surprised by the election of Donald Trump in 2016 and included U.S. and U.K. military contractors. The intel group sought members familiar with “influence operations” that included “active measures” and “psyops.” Twitter Files journalists Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger obtained the “large trove of new documents, including strategy documents, training videos, presentations, and internal messages."

The US and UK military and intelligence contractors were recruited to participate in the CTIL “through monthly cybersecurity meetings hosted by” the Department of Homeland Security. The group was led by former UK defense researcher, Sara-Jayne “SJ” Terp, according to the report. Internal CTIL Slack messages show that beginning in 2018, “Terp, her colleagues, and officials from DHS and Facebook all working closely together in the censorship process,” the trio reported. CTIL’s activities reportedly were “ramped up a year before the COVID-19 pandemic,” and included plans to sue and cut off financial services to dissenters. Article

Germany bans public support for Hamas - New rules empower police to criminalize the dissemination of jihadist propaganda and allow for asset forfeiture for violators

Dems Refuse to Return Pro-Hamas Money

"I'M A MEMBER OF THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS OF AMERICA" That is what Tammy Morales told King 5. She has refused to renounce her membership in the organization, despite their support for Hamas terrorists. Post

Sen. Ted Cruz: Why Cultural Marxists Are Celebrating Hamas

So, Loyola University Law and Economy Project Is Pro-Hamas. We could’ve seen this problem coming during the Obama presidency. ISIS was emerging in Iraq, committing mass atrocities, including genocide against the Yazidis, and Barack Obama couldn’t condemn it. If you can’t call ISIS what they are, you’re willfully ignorant. They were a genocidal band of radical Islamic terrorists; it’s a term Barry was reluctant to use.  Allahpundit dubbed Obama “President See no evil” amid the rising ISIS threat. Forward to 2023. The former president’s acolytes, who dominate academia, have applied the same willful ignorance to Hamas. Article

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The number of left-wingers falling for Hamas propaganda is disturbing while also enormously entertaining since they’re exposing the world to their stupidity. Terrorists win by preying on the ignorant, and they have struck oil when it comes to American academia, the media, and legions of doltish college students who have been clamoring for Jews to die in Israel. Article

Ex-White House reporter claims 'Christian nationalism' bigger threat than Hamas!
Claims Americans live in 'trepidation and terror'

It's Official: Hezbollah Declared War on Israel

Calls for violence against Jews rock D.C. amid massive pro-Palestinian protest - Tens of thousands gathered in streets blocks away from White House

Pro-Hamas Mob Storms White House Gates Chanting, ‘Allahu Akbar’

Video: Pro-palestine rioters desecrated and vandalized historic monuments in D.C.

Pro-Palestinian protests turn violent across Europe

Mark Levin: The American people stand with Israel. The Republican Party stands with Israel. Republicans in Congress stand with Israel. The Democrat Party, the Democrat-Party media, and the Democrat Party protestors -- many of whom are calling for the annihilation of Israel and the Jews -- and many of these protestors are organized by the well-financed Hamas network and Soros NGOs. The Democrat Party is the umbrella group for these protestors, as it was for the 2020 rioters. Post

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FBI Recrutment Drive at Pride Event Sparks Controversy

Pro-Hamas Groups In NYC, Calling for 'Direct' Violent 'Action'

VIDEO: Pro-Hamas riots at annual Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting

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Hundreds of thousands flood D.C. to march for Israel

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Report: Deep Staters at Justice Department hid surveillance of Congress for YEARS. A former congressional aide has confirmed Deep State operatives at the Department of Justice hid their surveillance of Congress' operations for years. The head of the Empower Oversight whistleblower center, has confirmed to Just the News that lawyers for Google have – now – given him documentation confirming that the DOJ insisted, and a federal magistrate agreed, for five consecutive years to conceal the DOJ's actions from him. Article

Lara Logan: The problem the J6 Comm & it’s pawns have is the fact that they presented only violence & only towards the police. They left out the violence inflicted BY the police on many innocent people like Victoria White. They made violence on police the whole story which was not true. They ignored the things that contradicted their narrative because they wanted one-sided anti-police violence to be the whole story. They did not allow the rest of the story to be seen or heard or acknowledged because they feared it would undermine their narrative & they justified that by saying the violence was so bad, they could do what they wanted. The problem is there is only one truth and it’s all matters. POST

Evidence of Democratic 'dark money' funding terrorism

Students Walk Out Over School’s Pro-Transgender Bathroom Policies - A Pennsylvania high school has become ground zero in the fight over allowing boys who think they are girls to use the bathrooms of their choice. Article

Elon Musk Slams George Soros for ‘Eroding the Fabric of Civilization - “He’s doing things that erode the fabric of civilization — getting DA’s elected who refuse to prosecute crime, and Soros is a top contributor to the Democrat Party. The second one was Sam Bankman-Fried.” Article

WATCH: Tucker Carlson: 'If you feel like they're lying to you, they are'

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Ted Cruz Explains the Serious issues at the US Border - Horiffing 

Obama Puppet Biden's southern border crisis being masterminded by Obamas third term presidency via stolen elections continues to spiral out of control. A massive caravan carrying thousands of illegal migrants is heading toward the U.S.-Mexico border. Latest surge in immigrants storming the U.S. border as the country grapples with a historic crisis. Biden dismantled Trump-era policies that kept encounters at the southern border at ease. Now thousands illegally crossing the border, wreaking havoc on the nation. Article

Millions of illegal border crossers. Many are military age men from hostile countries or are known terrorists. Many have known criminal records or have committed crimes, including rape and murder, after crossing the border. Officials in charge of border protection have completely abandoned their duties. They are facilitating illegal entry into the country by ripping up fences, sending promotional literature across the border, and providing money and other gifts upon arrival.

Communist policies have become common practice across the country. We have prosecutors and judges arresting, prosecuting, and imprisoning plainly innocent American citizens. They are charging them for non-crimes or misdemeanors, and sentencing them as if they were serial murderers. Courts across the nation have slow-walked or rejected legitimate election fraud cases at the same time as convicted criminals, real criminals, not patriotic protesters or lawyers who worked for President Trump, are released with a slap on the wrist or not even that. Article

Charlie Kirk: America is letting in an unlimited number of people from toxic cultures, the long-term effects will be devastating. Loving America, starts with caring about who is let in. Video

'Embarrassing': Border Patrol calls in reinforcements to help overwhelmed area - 'Everybody is getting pulled off the line for processing'

Biden admin. judicial nominee praising Marxism and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs, as well as citing scholars who believe that most sex is tantamount to rapeArticle

26 Lawmakers Not Seeking Reelection in 2024—Here’s the List - Nineteen are members of the House of Representatives and seven are in the Senate

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Who Is Most at Risk From RFK Jr.’s Independent Run? Key Battleground States Poll says Trump would get 35%, Biden 33% and Kennedy 24%. The poll included 3,662 likely voters in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Article

AMAZING VIDEO: Victor Davis Hanson: "Brace Yourself For What's Coming in 2024"

President Trump maintains a lead over Biden in potential matchups among registered voters in four crucial swing states, as indicated by recent polling conducted by The New York Times and Siena College. If the election took place today, it appears that Trump would win by a landslide, amassing over 300 electoral votes.

Data suggests a greater number of voters believe their financial situation would improve if Trump were to win in 2024, and a higher percentage of voters believe that Trump is better equipped to prevent the United States from becoming embroiled in a war.

Trump holds 52% support compared to Biden’s 41% in Nevada, and outpaces Biden in Georgia with a 49% to 43% advantage. Trump maintains a lead in Arizona, where he has 49% support, Biden is at 44%. In Michigan, Trump holds a 5-point advantage, with 48% compared to Biden’s 43%. In Pennsylvania Trump holds 48% support, while Biden stands at 44%. Article

New Poll Has Democrats Panicking Over Biden's 2024 Chances

CNN poll finds 72% of Americans think things in America are going BADLY under Biden

Obama Announces Support for Biden While Other Democrats Grow Shaky

Another day, another headline about the bizarre behavior of Joe Biden. On today's episode of Geriatric Joe, the 80-year-old president attended a meeting in Illinois with United Auto Workers and Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D-IL.), where he struggled to put on a shirt, randomly began yelling, and mumbled over pieces of his speech. Biden required help because First Lady Jill Biden and his nursing home had the day off. Article / Video

VIDEO: Majority of Americans say Biden lacks the physical and mental fitness to serve

The 2023 election proved to be a bruising night for Republicans as Democrats scored major victories in Virginia, New Jersey, and Kentucky. With the presidency, along with control of the Senate and House of Representatives, on the ballot for voters across the country in less than 12 months, here are the takeaways from the off-year election. Article

Virginia Democrats regain full majority in General Assembly

IOWA CAUCUSES JUST AROUND THE CORNER: Speaking to a full house Nov. 18, President Trump reminded folks that the Hawkeye State's first-in-nation caucuses - "All over the world, they're going to be watching this," he said, adding, "We want to make sure we have a big victory."

A man who has attended 33 Trump rallies nationwide, Charles Hibbs, 68, of South Dakota, said this Iowa crowd was among the most enthusiastic he has witnessed. After welcoming him with a thunderous "USA! USA!" standing ovation, most of the crowd remained standing for about 20 more minutes as the former president spoke. Article

Black voters show signs of slipping away from Biden - Heading into 2024, Democrats are sounding alarms about losing voters

Mark Fisher, co-founder of a Black Lives Matter (BLM) chapter in Rhode Island, is advocating for former President Donald Trump's return to the Oval Office in 2024—and insists he's far from being the only one in the BLM movement to feel this way.

In a recent interview with podcast host Kim Iversen, Mr. Fisher was asked to defend remarks he made earlier that President Trump is "the best candidate we have."

"I like Trump," he said, before adding: "I think right now, who we have sitting in the Oval Office is just a deep disappointment." He expressed "disdain" for President Joe Biden, adding that he "really dislikes" Vice President Kamala Harris as well. Article

A fair election will probably give Trump the biggest landslide in American history just like the landslide that was pulled from Trump and every American who truly supported him. Now is the time to put our ducks in a row and now is the time to shut the entire Dem machine down forever. Our existence being members of the free world and the America Dream depends on it. Post

Vivek knows and uses the term ‘baizuo’ - a derogatory term Chinese use to describe pathetic white liberals. Hilarious he knows this and applies it to climate change policy: VIDEO

Former South Carolina governor and 2024 Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley's call to require identity verification for all social media users to stop foreign actors from spreading misinformation has raised old and new questions about free speech.

Haley said posts from anonymous users should be viewed as a "national security threat" due to China and Russia creating bots and fake accounts to spread false information. She says the platforms should "show America their algorithm" and that every person on social media should be "verified by their name." Article

RINO Mitt Romney says he would vote for Democrat over Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy - Why was Romney allowed to pose as a GOP leader for so long? Post

Rhode Island Federal Court Dismisses Latest Ballot Challenge - President Trump believes the American voters, not the courts, should decide who wins next year’s elections. 

Truth Social filed a lawsuit against 20 media outlets. The complaint, filed in the twelfth circuit court describes reports that the company had lost $73 million since being launched as "an utter fabrication." Lawyers for the company argued that the reports in various outlets constituted an "unprecedented and seemingly coordinated media campaign," referencing that all "reported the exact same false number within approximately 24 hours of one another, each citing to a public Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") filing, in which the mystery $73 million loss appears nowhere." Article

Thank you to Jim Jordan! – U.S. Govt Caught Colluding with Big Tech to Censor OAN. Freedom of the press is under attack. The US government has declared war on our 1st Amendment, and One America News is Washington’s number one target. Watch this exclusive new documentary exposing the governments assault on freedom of speech. Video


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81% of adults support term limits, what may be more striking is the near identical support shown by self-identified Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. Article

New FBI Headquarters? Congress voted to allocate $3 billion funding for a new FBI headquarters building. 70 "Republicans" voted to approve the spending measure, sidelining a proposal sponsored by Matt Gaetz (R-FL) to deny funding for the project. Post

"Never seen this before" Explosion of miscarriages after COVID shots - mRNA treatments linked to some 17 million sudden deaths. The study looked at 17 equatorial and Southern-Hemisphere countries. They include 9.1% of the world's population and reported 10.3% of the world's COVID shots. The study said roughly 17 million sudden deaths would be expected around the and found COVID-19 vaccines proved harmful. Further, there are known heart damage issues and cancers that have followed the COVID shots. Article

AG Paxton Files Lawsuit Against Pfizer Over COVID Vaccine Efficacy Misrepresentation

Your credit card company might be bankrolling left-wing activism - Millions of dollars poured into liberal advocacy organizations

Minnesota considers changing flag after historic 1893 design accused of racism against Native Americans - Critics claim the state flag represents racism and genocide. The state flag of Minnesota features a modified version of the seal of Minnesota emblazoned on a blue field. The first version of the flag was adopted in 1893. However, critics on the left have blasted the flag for its depictions of Indians. 

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Now a commission has been set up to replace the 131 year flag. Some of the "qualifying submissions" included a Marxist hammer and sickle symbol and a pride flag. Article


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Minnesota science teacher claims cell biology lessons are part of 'capitalist indoctrination' - Say bacteria were the 'original anarchists'

Another Democrat-controlled state commits to banning new gasoline car sales in 2035 - New Jersey. “This is just one more example of why politicians are literally the very worst class of people in our society to be making energy-related decisions for the rest of us. Everything they do in this space only serves to make our situation worse.” Article

Hundreds of Illegal Chinese-owned Marijuana Operations Taking Over Maine. Facilities under investigation by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for possible ties to Asian transnational organized crime. Article

The Pentagon has failed 6 straight audits, recruitment is plummeting, military readiness is declining. But sure, let's give them $114 million for Diversity and Inclusion Training. Post

The Pentagon has no idea where the hell all the taxpayer money that has been funding it went for the past 6 years, but they have the audacity to ask for more funding for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs? 

DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) Creates Racism - A Cultural Revolution. According to a recent report, “The University of Washington Department of Psychology violated a non-discrimination policy by putting “inappropriate” emphasis on applicants’ race in a hiring decision earlier this year." The department’s hiring committee faced intense pressure from the diversity advisory committee to rerank candidates based on their race, rather than the original hiring rubric. Both university policy and state law prohibit discrimination on the basis of race and sex. Article

Video: DEI being reviewed and eliminated in many major universities

Babylon Bee - GOTTA LOVE THE BIDEN ECONOMY: McDonald's Now Offering 36-Month, 0% Interest Financing on All Value Meals! Article

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Thanks to the Iowa Board of Regents that voted to abolish DEI in all state universities

Video: Environment and Social Governance (ESG) "Robbing shareholders to push Social Agenda" mandates dropped by the Wall Street - Free Markets Win Out!

2023 Most Valuable Patriot Awards: Congratulations to the 130,000+ Moms for Liberty - We Do Not Co-Patent with the Government!

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