Information For Voters

Info For Voters

To register to vote click link: VoteWA


Under the new state law to be eligible to vote in Skagit County you must register by 8 pm of Election Day. Click link above to see if you are a registered voter or to register to vote. For specific questions please contact the Skagit County Elections Office (360) 416-1702 or email:

MAPS:  For Updated Comprehensive Skagit County Voter Maps click here.  

For a link to the Republican State and National Elected Officials please click here.

For a link to the American Family Association Ratings of All 2020 candidates click here.

The SCRP has endorsed the following candidates for the 2020 elections.


Governor: Loren Culp

Lieutenant Governor: WRITE IN Joshua Freed

Sec of State: Kim Wyman

State Treasurer: Duane Davidson

Attorney General: Matt Larkin

State Auditor: Chris Leyba

Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction: Maia Espinoza

Commissioner of Public Lands: Sue Kuehl Pederson



LD 10 State Senator: Ron Muzzall

LD 10 State House: Bill Bruch

LD 10 State House: Greg Gilday

LD 39 State Senator: Keith Wagoner

LD 39 State House: Carolyn Eslick

LD 39 State House: Robert Sutherland

LD 40 State Senator: Charles:Carrell

LD 40 State House: Russ Dzialo



Skagit County Commissioner: Ron Wesen



Congressional District 1: Jeffery Beeler

Congressional District 2: Tim Hazelo



Washington State Supreme Court (Pos 3): Dave Larson

Skagit County Superior Court (Pos 3): Tom Seguine


The Skagit County Republican Party are recommending the following candidates for the August 4th Primary Election (these candidates are not endorsed).



Peter Browning



Andrew Miller


REFERENDUM - 90 - (Reject)

Advisory Vote 32 - (Repeal)

Relates to SB 5223 the plastic bag ban. It requires retailers to sell reusable plastic or paper bags for 8 cents each and charge sales tax on the bag sales.

Advisory Vote 33 - (Repeal)

Relates to SB 5628, which exempts heavy equipment owned by rental companies from property tax, but places an additional 1.25 percent sales tax on the rental of the equipment and divides the proceeds between the state’s Motor Vehicle Fund and the “Multimodal Transportation” account.

Advisory Vote 34 - (Repeal)

Relates to SB 6492 which increased B&O taxes on most services businesses and it also imposed a new 1.5 percent B&O tax on hospitals.

Advisory Vote 35 - (Repeal) 

Relates to SB 6690 imposes a bigger B&O tax on the manufacture and sales of commercial airplanes. Boeing did not object. This was to do with a preferred rate that was to appease the world trade organization, which wasn’t upholding its end of the deal, and somehow stave off tariffs from foreign governments. It’s on the ballot because it is an actual tax increase.

Joint Resolution 8212 - (Approve) (Reject) The SCRP is split on this

Would allow money the state collects to go toward long-term care to be invested in the stock market. It would amend the constitution, which bans the practice of investing public money in private stocks. Opponents say the ban is to keep the state from risking taxpayer money.


Info For Voters


Help Skagit County Republican Party Chairman Bill Bruch get elected to the Washington State Legislature, 10th LD State House. See