Information For Voters

Info For Voters

To register to vote and to make sure ballot was received and counted click link: VoteWA

Under the new state law to be eligible to vote in Skagit County you must register by 8 pm of Election Day. Click link above to see if you are a registered voter or to register to vote. For specific questions please contact the Skagit County Elections Office (360) 416-1702 or email:

MAPS: For Comprehensive Skagit County Voter Maps Click HERE.  

Updated Election Integrity Info:

Skagit Voter Integrity Project Summary Report

For a link to the Republican State and National Elected Officials click here.

The links below includes resources that can help you with updates and to navigate the Washington State Legislature's Legislative Session. Make Your Voice Heard -- During legislative session go on the record via the Legislative Hotline: (800) 562-6000.

WA State House Republicans  - The Current

WA State Ledger

Legislative Process (Video)

How a Bill Becomes a Law (text)

Overview of Legislative Process (text)

Glossary of Legislative Terms

Watch legislative session TVW streaming or on Television

Watch TVW Coverage of Senate Sessions

Watch TVW Coverage of House Sessions

Participate by testifying in a committee (virtually)

Participate by voicing your opinion on a bill

Participate by knowing who your legislators are

Citizen's Guide to Effective Legislative Participation

Legislative Center Bill Tracking 

House Floor Activity Calendar

Senate Floor Activity Calendar

Committee Schedules

Contacting Your Legislator

WSRP Olympia Watch Website 

The Skagit County Republican Party is supporting the following candidates contested races in the upcoming 2021 Elections:


Mayor: Matt Miller

City Council: Jeff Graf

Port Commissioner: Kathy Pittis

School Board: Celese Stevens, Erik Schorr


School Board: Roger Howard


Town Council: Bill Stokes, Ivan Carlson, Mary Lee Chamberlain


City Council: Navor Tercero, Daniel Downs, Gary Molenaar, Melissa Beaton, Larry Carpenter


City Council: Nickolas Lavacca, Joe Burns

School Board: Brent Schiefelbein


Commissioner: Mahlon Hull


Peter Browning, Greg Thramer


Dist #8 Russel Feay

Dist #13: John Doyle 


Info For Voters

Voter Integrity Project (VIP)This Committee’s has more than 45 SCRP Committed Members, the mission is to strengthen Voter Integrity in Skagit County by providing honest and thoughtful critiquing of all aspects of our voting and election system while also advocating to ensure Free and Fair Elections. More Info See:

The VIP committee is working with other Election Integrity groups, including the Washington State Republican Party Election Integrity Committee, and is educating the public and government officials about problems we find with our county and statewide systems, and proactive in proposing solutions that are consistent with the Constitution.

Polls indicate that over 80% of Republicans believe there was widespread voter fraud during the November election between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. Also a July 2021 poll reports 81 % of affiliated voters believe China was involved in the 2020 U.S. elections (91% of R's and 71% of D's).

While mainstream media outlets continue to either ignore or downplay the impacts of vote fraud on the 2020 election, the irregularities surrounding the vote raises many questions and concerns.

As of February 7, 2021 of the 22 election fraud cases that have been heard by the courts and decided on their merits, Trump and Republicans have prevailed in 15 of them.

These and previous legal actions concerning vote fraud are / were primarily focused on the states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and Arizona. Examples of election irregularities in these and other states include using Covid-19 to unlawfully usurp state laws and:

Not allowing Republican Election Observers to be present during counting.

The shredding and disposal of ballots before ballots could be audited.

The unlawful expansion of mail-in voting.

Suspending the requirement to provide identification to vote.

Allowing the expansion of early voting.

Allowing votes to be cast after November 3.

The use of ballot drop boxes used disproportionately in Democrat districts.

The practice of vote harvesting in unauthorized states.

Paying / providing something of value in return for voting.

Massive irregularities and illegal actions regarding vote count observers.

Numerous examples of illegal voter registration activities.

Suspending signature requirements on mail-in ballots.

Suspending, changing, or allowing dual methods of voter signature verification.

On election night Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania all stopped counting and then had impossible percentage magnitude vote count election spikes in favor of Biden between 1 - 4 AM.

Multiple states and counties denying audits of vote results.

Denying audits of Dominion vote count machines in Arizona.

Failure to fully investigate literally thousands of sworn legal affidavits alleging vote fraud.

VIDEO: Joe Biden exposed the Democrat corruption during an Oct, 2020 interview saying: "we’re in a situation where we have put together — and you guys did it for president Obama’s administration, before this — We have put together, I think, the most extensive and and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics."