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Over Memorial Day weekend internationally known PhD Physicist Dr. Douglas Frank gave an amazing presentation in front of about 400 people at the Heritage Ranch in Skagit. A huge thanks to Dr. Frank, all who attended and volunteered, Roy and Amy Swihart who provided their venue and Washingtonians for Change who helped to organize the event! Dr. Frank also spoke to large crowds in Woodinville on Friday and Morton on Sunday.

Be patient and have faith, truth is on our side! Dr. Frank’s scientific and mathematical investigation is revealing that there was without a doubt, absolutely massive cyber and voter fraud in the 2020 elections, this happened in Skagit County, Washington state and nationwide.

As explained in his presentation, he predicted the voter demographics for every county in the state of Washington - NEW WA STATE COUNTY BY COUNTY VIDEO ANALYSIS HERE. Dr. Frank is now off to Wisconsin, and is also working on new election data analysis for Minnesota and Utah. FOR IMPORTANT DAILY UPDATES REMEMBER TO SEE SKAGITREPUBLICANS.COM BLOG PAGE and Election Integrity Page.

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The Maricopa County AZ Audit is confirming what we already knew, that Trump most probably won that county and state by hundreds of thousands of votes. There are literally so many voting irregularities / anomalies and fraud it is hard to keep track. AZ Ballot Printing Company "Runbeck" Causing 11%+ ERROR RATE!

In Fulton County Georgia the forensic audit is exposing so much voter fraud that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is being asked to oversee the Georgia forensic analysis of 147,000 mail in ballots. So far there are 6 affidavits by veteran election officials who are saying up to 30,000 of the 147,000 mail in ballots are fake.  Evidence includes #1 Counterfeit paper used for ballots. #2 Absentee ballots not folded  #3 Same exact bubble mark for upwards of 30,000 ballots with 97% voting for Joe Biden and Jon Ossoff. #4 Mark made by a machine, not pen or pencil. Additionally the analysis of a random batch of 950 GA military mail-in ballots showed 100 percent went to Joe Biden (an impossibility). More Here

Thousands of Georgia Ballots Were Delivered BEFORE They Were Picked Up from Drop Boxes in Georgia on Election Night (VIDEO)

Other states where blatant voter fraud is being found include Pennsylvania where in Montgomery County alone 78,000 phantom voters were found, see: Pennsylvania Audit and Massive Voter Fraud; and in New Hampshire, as a hand recount saw 4 Republicans all gain about 300 votes in critical down ballot races in the city of Windham. This led Gov. Sununu to sign a bill that gave authorization for forensic analysis related to optical scanning AccuVote machines and a comprehensive recount of the 2020 election votes.

Windham Auditors: Ballot Folds Are Not The Only Problem

With all the widespread voter fraud being discovered and exposed via the Arizona, Georgia and New Hampshire audits, it is extremely concerning that our own WA State Secretary of State is undermining Election Integrity groups nationwide going on a national media blitz advocating for no third party audits in Maricopa County or anywhere else in the country. This despite the fact that the Arizona State Legislature called for the audit of Maricopa County in the first place, also both AZ and GA audits had court orders to do the audits because of all the evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 elections. 

The purpose of nationwide Election Integrity (EI) groups is to be advocating for free and fair elections, to focus on and identify areas and vulnerabilities in elections systems and to offer proactive solutions to eliminate the potential for voter fraud. Most unfortunately Secretary Wyman's statements and actions, and others like her, are attempts to prohibit and block EI groups from doing the work that they are tasked to do.

Additionally Democrat AZ SOS Katie Hobbs and others like her are working with SOS's, Attorneys General and Governors nationwide to "Tighten the laws to see that audits like what we are witnessing in AZ, GA and NH never happen again." It is most obvious that they are terrified of what is being found and it is time to call them out -- SEE: Arizona's Secretary of State "stripped"of duties after criticizing election audit.

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OF INTEREST: On May 15 at the Washington State Republican Party State Committee Meeting in Wenatchee there was a Town Hall featuring WA State Secretary of State Kim Wyman. I am respectfully disputing the SOS answer to my question regarding over 1/2 of WA State County voting machines being legally certified for the 2018 and 2020 elections due to testing laboratories lapsed Election Assistance Commission (EAC) certifications. In an attempt to keep it simple, I asked the SOS about WA states' 17 counties Clear Ballot voting machines not being certified for the elections, because the Pro V & V lab EAC 2-year certification had lapsed Feb 24, 2017 and was not renewed until Feb 1, 2021 (the situation is actually much worse than 17 counties).

Secretary Wyman implied that if the lab doing the testing of the voting machines did not have an updated and current accreditation certificate it did not matter. She then used an example that if the testing lab does not want to pay the fee to renew its certification of accreditation, the state's voting machines can still be certified; saying if there were no changes / modifications made to the voting machines or software then she can certify the machines.

For all other industries, i.e. expired Business License, Driver's License, Insurance license, Real-Estate license, Contractors License, etc. you are not allowed to operate legally and are forced to pay a fine, have license revoked, or even perhaps go to jail, until renewal of such licenses. But in the case of the most important and sacred of them all, Elections, it is somehow not relevant if a lab accreditation by a government agency has lapsed and testing labs are continuing to do business in their normal capacity. I am contending that any certification of voting machines should be invalid if the testing lab is not certified / approved, this is backed up by:

WAC 434-335-040

Voting system requirements.

(1) No voting device or its component software may be certified by the secretary of state unless it:

(a) Secures to the voter secrecy in the act of voting.

(b) Permits the voter to vote for any person for any office and upon any measure that he or she has the right to vote for;

(c) Correctly registers all votes cast for any and all persons and for or against any and all measures;

(d) Provides that a vote for more than one candidate cannot be cast by one single operation of the voting device or vote tally system except when voting for President and Vice President of the United States;

(e) Produces a machine countable and human readable paper record for each vote that may be accepted or rejected by the voter before finalizing his or her vote. The paper record of an electronic vote may not be removed from the device by the voter. If the voting device is programmed to display the ballot in multiple languages, the paper record produced must be printed in the language used by the voter; and

(f) Has been tested and approved by the appropriate voting system test laboratory approved by the United States election assistance commission

Additionally, it says on the WA State SOS website - System Security / Tabulation SystemsBefore a System is Washington State Certified, it must be tested by an Election Assistance Commission (EAC) accredited, independent testing authority.

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It is also important to note that WA State is supposed to follow the strictest procedures of Voting System Machine (“VSM”) certification. This is also backed up by:

RCW 29A.12.080: No voting device shall be approved by the Secretary of State unless it: (5) Except for functions or capabilities unique to this state, has been tested and certified by an independent testing authority designated by the United States Election Assistance Commission.

All voting systems, voting devices, and vote tallying systems must meet applicable federal standards and be certified and approved by the Secretary of State before they can be used in Washington state pursuant to RCW 29A.12.020. WAC 434-33-010.

CLAIM ISSUE: Most all of the 2020 WA State elections are Null and Void and Material Harm to WA voters in the elections has resulted.


IN DISPUTE: 3,337,135                25                     47                      44                   90

TOTAL: 4,056,454                            39                     49                      49                    98

% OF TOTAL 82%                          64%                 96%                   90%                 92

On May 17 I sent a follow up email to SOS office / Kim Wyman that included my dispute of her answer to my question regarding WA State voting machines being certified. The email also included a request for her to answer a dozen other questions (including a request to comment on Dr. Frank's work). As of today, I still have not received a response to any of the above.

GIVEN ALL THIS -- WHAT TO DO NOW? Besides finding and supporting elected officials that will support the Rule-of-Law instead of corruption, we need to keep being relentless in exposing the truth. We need more Precinct Committee Officers (PCO's), and additional Election Integrity Volunteers are needed to help with doorbell canvassing to find phantom voters, cleaning the voter rolls. Also state legislators must pass election integrity laws to prohibit these voting machines and pre-set algorithms from disenfranchising our votes. Upcoming elections will soon be here and the time is short to expose and fix these election problems.

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OF SERIOUS CONCERN: Democrat sponsored S1, also known as the "For the People Act," will be voted on during the last full week in June. Senate Majority Leader Schumer called the bill, “legislation that is essential to defending our democracy." The act would federalize many components of the election system, eliminating nearly all qualifications such as photo identification. It would also require states to implement a system of automatic voter registration and to allow same-day registration on any day voting is allowed. This would inflate the voter rolls and is what Dr. Frank is warning of.

Critics of S1 have promised to bring a flood of lawsuits if it’s passed by the Senate and signed into law by Biden. “In my state in Oklahoma, we have great voting engagement. We want to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat. S1 takes away a state’s ability to hold people accountable for cheating,” said Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.). Also Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) has described the bill as “a massive federal takeover of elections."

Former Postal Employee Pleads Guilty to Dumping Election Ballots: A man who was formerly employed as a USPS mail carrier has admitted to discarding nearly 100 general election ballots. Nicholas Beauchene, 26, of Kearny, New Jersey, pleaded guilty to one count of desertion of mails, in which he discarded about 1,875 pieces of mail. Among the discarded items were 99 general election ballots and 276 campaign flyers from local candidates for West Orange Town Council and the Board of Education.

Beauchene faces a maximum penalty of one year in prison and a $100,000 fine. His sentencing has been scheduled for Sept. 21. The incident occurred during a time when various states and locates were encouraging voting by mail-in ballots amid the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus outbreak.  More Here

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Why Did Biden Census Bureau Add 2.5 Million More Residents to Blue-State Population Count? There is something very fishy about the new 2020 Census Bureau data determining which states picked up seats and which states lost seats.

Most all of the revisions to the original estimates have moved in one direction: Population gains were added to blue states, and population losses were subtracted from red states. The December revisions in population estimates under the Biden Census Bureau added some 2.5 million blue-state residents and subtracted more than 500,000 red-state residents. These population estimates determine how many electoral votes each state receives for presidential elections and the number of congressional seats in each state. Article Here

State Dems, Governor Inslee and the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) are wanting employers to confirm their workers are fully vaccinated – by having the worker either sign a document attesting to their status or provide proof of vaccination. Also Inslee recently issued “guidance” to sports venues, universities, and religious institutions that “allows” them to segregate the people into groups of vaccinated and non-vaccinated. Using the power of the state, the Governor is not only encouraging segregation, he’s mandating separate entrances and seating areas. Vaccine Passports may be next. The Democrat party is now the party of “show your papers!"

Canadian vaccine expert Dr. Byram Bridle recently spoke of the terrifying reasons serious side effects, including heart inflammation and vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT), may occur in those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine. He explained that critical information has recently been discovered that centers around spike proteins—a crucial element in both the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the COVID-19 vaccines. More Here

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May Day Rioters Carry Out Violent Acts in Portland and Seattle: A riot in Portland took place on May 1, a day that holds significance for communists and other far-left ideologues. A mob of 100 + individuals, many with shields, marched to City Hall smashing windows and using spray paint to scrawl various messages on the building. A riot ensued inflicting damage upon private businesses. Most of the mob wore all-black with coverings obscuring their face and known Antifa accounts were promoting the “direct action” event on social media prior to it happening. Also on May 1, police officers in Seattle arrested 14 people for similar crimes ranging from property destruction to assault during violent demonstrations.

Journalist Andy Ngo was reportedly assaulted by Antifa militants again in Portland OR. The Post Millennial, where Ngo serves as an editor-at-large, reported that “Ngo, an expert on the violent Antifa movement, was chased and attacked by black-clad Antifa extremists overnight Friday while covering the latest far-left protest in Portland.” According to local reports Ngo was “tackled and punched" before he sought refuge then was reportedly transported to a hospital.

Antifa: History and Tactics | Andy Ngo Author, Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy. This speech was given at a Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminar in Franklin, TN. HERE

California is giving 76,000 inmates, including violent and repeat felons, the opportunity to leave prison earlier as the state aims to further trim the population of what once was the nation’s largest state correctional system. More than 63,000 inmates convicted of violent crimes will be eligible for good behavior credits that shorten their sentences by one-third instead of the one-fifth that had been in place since 2017. That includes nearly 20,000 inmates who are serving life sentences with the possibility of parole. Article

Most of the Covid masks studied by researchers were found to shed fibers that could be inhaled by the wearer. Wearing a Covid face mask can also cause us to inhale harmful plastic fibers, according to a new study by Chinese scientists. More Here

Mollie Hemingway's new book Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections is the definitive account of the 2020 election. Based on Mollie Hemingway's exclusive interviews with campaign officials, reporters, Supreme Court justices, and President Trump himself, it exposes the fraud and cynicism behind the Democrats' historic power-grab.

Rewriting history is a specialty of the radical left, now in control of America's political and cultural heights. But they will have to contend with the determination, insight, and eloquence of Mollie Hemingway. RIGGED is a reminder for weary patriots that truth is still the most powerful weapon. The stakes for our democracy have never been higher.

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There is NO LAWFUL authority for the government, businesses, medical professionals or schools to require ANY medical intervention, including vaccines. You have the right to NO CONSENT to any medical intervention, including masks, Covid testing and vaccines. See: The Right To Breath - Covid-19 Put In Perspective  

ABOUT VACCINES: The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is a Federal agency that protects your right to not be discriminated against. Employers Must Honor Exemptions and your medical status is protected by privacy rights, not HIPAA. See: Peggy Hall The Healthy AmericanCOLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES CANNOT MANDATE VACCINES and EMPLOYERS AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CANNOT MANDATE VACCINES.

The Washington Policy Center has warned many times that the recent WA State capital gains tax passed by the Legislature is, in fact, an income tax. The IRS, the Congressional Budget Office, the revenue departments of all 49 other states -- even the legislation itself refers back to needing income tax information in order to collect the tax.  Court precedent since the 1930s backs up this view of the tax. Yet Democrats get away with calling it an "excise tax."

The income tax on capital gains is bad policy. You can see why here. Also this Wall Street Journal column adds even more perspective, showing that the tax repeatedly described as if it were a minor collection of resources, could actually tip Washington state into an elite group of high-taxing states hinting capital gains income at more than 50 percent. 

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'Online and vulnerable': Experts find nearly three dozen U.S. voting systems connected to internet! According to NBC News, the 3 largest voting manufacturing companies — Election Systems &Software, Dominion Voting Systems and Hart InterCivic — have acknowledged they all put modems in some of their tabulators and scanners. The reason? So that unofficial election results can more quickly be relayed to the public. Those modems connect to cell phone networks, which, in turn, are connected to the internet. This is exactly the opposite of what we have been told by Elections Officials and confirms what Dr. Frank has been telling us! Full Article Here

When Governor of Idaho Brad Little was out of state last week Lieutenant Gov of Idaho Janice McGeachin signed an Executive Order to protect the rights and liberties of individuals and businesses by prohibiting the state and its political subdivisions — including public schools — from imposing mask mandates in OR state. In the order McGeachin signed, local officials could not put mask mandates in place. When Gov. Little returned to Idaho he promptly rescinded the order. 

McGeachin countered, saying Little’s decision to rescind her order took away “personal freedom.” "It is your God-given right to make your own health decisions, and no state, city, or school district ever has the authority to violate your unalienable rights," she wrote Friday. "I remain undeterred and unwavering in my commitment to defend your rights and freedoms against all who would violate them." McGeachin announced lasted week she is running for governor in Idaho's Republican primary.  "I am not running for governor to be popular or because it is easy," she explained on her website. "This job is hard work and it requires making difficult decisions that aren't always appreciated."

Oregon Counties Vote to Secede Into Idaho. In a long-shot bid, 5 counties approved measures telling officials to take steps to change the border. Several counties in Oregon voted to consider joining the state of Idaho, which is part of a long-shot movement to break away from the state that has long been dominated by politicians in Portland. More Here

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a measure that will protect state residents from Silicon Valley’s "power grab on speech, thought and content." The Big Tech Bill, as DeSantis calls it, allows residents to fight back against de-platforming and censorship, allowing them to sue tech companies for up to $100,000 in damages for each proven claim in a bid to ensure companies are more transparent about their content moderation practices. The law requires companies to detail how they reach conclusions about content moderation and stick to those standards consistently.

The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that a recall effort, aimed at unseating the state’s Democrat governor Gretchen Whitmer, can move forward, agreeing with the state’s Board of Canvassers, which approved several recall petitions. The court “affirmed the board’s approval of seven petitions, six seeking to recall Whitmer and one seeking to recall Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist II. One additional recall petition was remanded to correct a ‘scrivener’s error’ in stating the date on which an order was issued.” More Here

A news agency controlled by the Chinese Communist Party paid millions of dollars to American newspapers and magazines over the past six months, even as U.S. officials have sounded the alarm on Beijing's propaganda activities. China Daily paid more than $1.6 million for advertising campaigns in Time magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Financial Times, and Foreign Policy magazine, according to disclosures filed with the Justice Department. The Beijing-controlled news agency also paid over $1 million more to American newspapers, including the L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, and others to print copies of its own publications. 

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'It looks a lot like perjury': Tucker Carlson accuses Dr Fauci of lying to the Senate after emails reveal he feared Wuhan scientists were doing gain of function research - but he told lawmakers they weren't

Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan and other Republicans on the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees are now officially investigating the Wuhan “lab leak” origin story for the Coronavirus pandemic, which President Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo both strongly believe in. This investigation could derail Dr. Anthony Fauci’s entire career, considering that Fauci used taxpayer money to fund bat coronavirus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology prior to the outbreak. 

Last weekend tens of thousands of golfing fans cheered on Phil Mickelson to win the 2021 PGA Golf Championship at Kiawah Island S.C. It is quite interesting that the Covid virus has been virtually non-existent for sporting events held in Republican States.

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A Memorial Day boat parade held in honor of President Donald Trump drew an unprecedented number of attendees in Jupiter, Florida, with pleasure craft adorned with Trump merchandise stretching as far as the eye can see. Video footage from Jupiter, Florida shows thousands of boats parading in unison, decks full of cheering Trump supporters. Though the event has received little media coverage, the turnout in support of Trump and fallen U.S. servicemen is clearly staggering.

Even New York State knows the election was stolen -- Last week at Yankee Stadium a “Trump Won Save America" banner was lowered during the baseball game VIDEOThen on Saturday at a NY Mets game, a “Trump Won” banner was lowered during the baseball game. Great to see New Yorkers leading the stand against these woke athletes and election fraud!


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John Mackey, the acclaimed CEO of Whole Foods, is not the silent type when it comes to the defense of free markets. In an interview with the American Enterprise Institute, he called capitalism "the greatest thing humanity has ever done" and warned that the cultural narrative against capitalism was going unanswered, "damaging the minds of young people."  Instead he urges a counter narrative that shows younger generations the positive power of capitalism. More Here

REDISTRICTING PUBLIC OUTREACH MEETINGS: All Public Outreach District meetings are held virtually and are open to the public. Make sure your community is heard in this year’s redistricting. Watch live or provide input at this Saturday’s meetings. More info here.

Thank you to all the candidates that stepped up for the 2021 elections. Filing week ended Friday May 21st and the field of candidates is set for the Primary August 3rd (with ballots going out on July 14th).

On Tuesday June 8 at 7 PM the Skagit Young Republicans are helping host an event for any High School Seniors that want a normal graduation ceremony with freedom. Lauren Culp is the keynote speaker and Billy’s Cafe will be providing light refreshments and cake. If you know of any upcoming graduates please let them know about this event. More Info Contact Elisabeth Waldron (360) 707-1715 / Email: skagityoungrepublicans@gmail.com.

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On Sunday, June 6 from 5 PM to 9 PM the Skagit Young Republicans will be hosing an Elvis Swing Dance Tribute to a King Potluck. Fundraiser and Raffle proceeds go to a Pro-Life Clinic. More Information Please Contact Aaron Milas (360) 488-6427 / Email: skagityoungrepublicans@gmail.com.

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Congratulations to Skagit Young Republican Chairman Aaron Milas who graduated this year via Home School and Skagit Valley College. Aaron also has been accepted to Franciscan University in Ohio and will be moving at the end of the month. Aaron has been an outstanding volunteer for the SCRP and has shown exceptional leadership in getting the Skagit Y.R. group up and running and will be truly missed! Elisabeth Waldron has been appointed as the new acting Chair of the Skagit Y.R.'s


Respect and Blessings,

Bill Bruch, SCRP Chairman

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